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Information about the site.


 Creativespirits.net is fast becoming one of the world’s most organized websites about ghosts, haunted places, and ghost towns. Here, on the site, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of entries about locations from around the world.

 From some of the largest and most famous haunts such as the Eastern State Penitentiary to some of the smallest hauntings like Trafford, PA, we’ve got, or are working on getting information on them.

 On the site we follow our main passions, anything Paranormal, including UFO's, Ghosts & Hauntings, Bigfoot, and Fonts. It has taken several incantations of the site to get to where we are today. We are now on our ninth version of the site, and have chosen to go with a clean minimal design that is easy on the eyes and more importantly, easier for people to use.

 Our Mission is to provide clear, concise information upon all aspects of the Paranormal while keeping up with the newest developments and news of all aspects of that subject.


 The fonts we offer are free to download. We encourage people to download them and to inform us if there are any issues with them. We are working on adding a location to the site so that you, font authors and visitors can assist us with uploading new fonts to the site.

Our Mission is provide free downloads for the fonts, whilst attempting to keep them up to date with new fonts and versions.


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