Igor Volke – Ufologist

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Igor Volke (born 19 January 1950 in Jõgeva, Estonia) is an Estonian ufologist and researcher of environmental anomalies.
In 1985 he founded the organization AKRAK for the purpose of collecting reports of anomalous environmental phenomena.…continue reading →

10 Places Abandoned After Disasters

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In the wake of massive disasters, it isn’t uncommon for entire communities to abandon affected areas and never return. This is done for a variety of reasons: the damage and destruction might be too severe for rebuilding work to ever take place; there might be a chance that the disaster could occur again at a later date; or, simply, the loss of life that occurred might be too heartbreaking.
Indeed, you might have heard about the abandonment of places like Chernobyl and Centralia from previous articles. So, here are ten examples of this phenomenon which you might not have heard about:…continue reading →