25 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained

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25 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. We take a look at these 25 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained.

Mysteries interest many of us, the fact that something remains unsolved makes us question it even more. One things for sure, there have been a lot of unexplained mysteries over the years. So from mysterious events, to cryptids and paranormal encounters, this is a compilation of my favorite mysteries I’ve covered so far.

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Unexplained Mysteries
Published on Aug 7, 2018

He has been interested in the paranormal since he was 11yrs old. He has had many experiences with both ghosts and UFO's and it has just solidified his beliefs. He set up this site to catalogue as much information about the paranormal in one location. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001.