5 Asian cryptid creatures & animals

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Around the world About 1.5 million species have been formally catalogued and in 2017 alone, over 18,000 were discovered. But despite this huge number, we’ve only uncovered 14% of the entire planet’s species. With 86% still unaccounted for, it’s very possible there are creatures, even monsters, we have yet to meet. These are 5 Asian Cryptid Creatures and Animals.

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Published on Feb 24, 2018

5. Yeren -Hubei Provinc, China
Called the Chinese Wildman, sightings of the Yeren were first reported in the dense forests of Hubei Province in China.

The majority of the sightings describe the creature as having reddish brown hair, much like that of an orangutan, White yerens have also been spotted, however these are very rare. They walk on two feet and The creature features a large jaw line with a sunken face, bulbous nose with upturned nostrils and horse-like teeth. They’re estimated to reach heights between 6 and 8 feet tall and Most are said to be friendly but reserved around people and will simply walk away when they encounter one.

4. Issie – Lake Ikeda, Japan
Issie (pronounced Isshy) is a creature said to inhabit the mysterious Lake Ikeda on Kyushu Island in Japan. It was first spotted on September 3, 1978 when Yutaka Kawaji, along with more than 20 members of his family were near the lake. It was Kawaji’s children that first noticed two large, black gliding humps in the waters as they played by the lakeshore. Soon Yutaka grabbed a motorboat and tried his best to follow after the creature. The family who witnessed it said that the humps measured close to 16 feet long and were above water approximately 2 feet. Despite chasing it, he never managed to capture the creature as it was too fast for his boat.

3. Tsuchinoko – Kyushu, Japan
Better known for its appearance in the video game Metal Gear Solid, the Tsuchinoko is one of the rarest and earliest recorded cryptids from Japan. The mention of Tsuchinoko was first noted in the 8th century text called the “Kojiki” which is regarded as Japan’s oldest textbook.

The term Tsuchinoko means “child of hammer” or “child of dirt.” Reported sightings of the creature are known throughout much of Western Japan including those in the Shikoku and Kansai regions. In the Northeastern portion of Japan, it’s termed as “bachi hebi.” It’s said to be found in deep, remote mountain areas like those of Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu.

2. Lake Tianchi Monster – China
Known as “Heaven’s Lake,” Lake Tianchi in the Changbai Mountains in China not only draws tourists for its gorgeous beauty but also for what supposedly lives underneath it’s waters.

This lake is known to be the biggest and deepest volcanic lake in China. It measures 6 square miles and rises above the sea level at 7,200 feet. Its deepest part reaches down 1220 feet and it’s average depth is around 670 feet. Somehwere, doen below, is said to lie an unusual cryptid that’s been simply named the Lake Tianchi Monster.

For years, reports of a lake monster residing in the water have been given by witnesses. The first reported sighting was over a century ago in 1903 when a large, bull-like creature attacked three individuals.

1. Yeti – Nepal, Tibet
No cryptid has maintained the public’s fascination more than the Yeti. Ever since it was first reported, it has captivated people from all over the world. Originating from Nepalese folklore, the Yeti is described as an ape-like creature, bearing a large frame and often inhabiting the cold mountain regions of the Himalayas, in Tibet and Bhutan.

According to researchers, there are three types of Yeti’s. The first is dubbed as the Nyalmo, which is the tallest, at 15-feet and highly aggressive. It has long black hair and is said to be a man-eater.

So those were 5 ASIAN CRYPTID CREATURES & Animals

We may think we have a small planet but the fact is, there’s still so many creatures whose existence remains in the shadows. The creatures on this list are often delegated to myth and folklore, but is it possible, we simply haven’t officially found them yet?

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