10 Japanese Monsters That Will Kill You

Reading Time: 8 minutes

When it comes to the creatures of Japanese mythology, everyone knows the strange and absurd monsters, from the kappa to the kasa-obake. Japanese mythology has its fair share of weird monsters, and they’ve quickly become quite well-known worldwide. Behind these curious tales, however, lie a whole variety of murderous, deadly monsters that don’t quite make the tourist board.
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10 UFOs That Allegedly Left Physical Evidence Behind

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Reports of “trace cases,” where UFOs leave their fingerprints behind, are steadily growing. They can be easily dismissed as lies from attention-seeking weirdos, but when they come from professionals such as pilots, policemen, soldiers, and scientists, it makes you wonder. These are not the career fields that encourage employees to swing on the extraterrestrial vine; they stand to lose a lot by reporting or investigating a UFO. (Of course, they can also stand to gain a fair amount due to the publicity.) This doesn’t mean that civilian sightings are less important. Trace cases, like any other good mystery, cannot be proven to everybody’s satisfaction, but they remain eternally fascinating to paranormal sleuths, whether armchair or professional.…continue reading →