10 Alleged Ghost Sightings With Bizarre Consequences

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Whenever rumors spread about an alleged ghost sighting, the event usually garners some publicity, while believers and skeptics launch into heated debate. But once the hype dies down, life generally goes on. However, the reaction to an alleged ghost sighting can sometimes be so strong that it drastically affects people’s lives. The following ghost stories might be eerily believable or nothing more than fabricated hoaxes, but the reactions to them have been very unique.

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The 8 Most Haunted Cities in the U.S.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Leaf peeping is one way to see a city in October. Exploring its eerie past and haunted present is another. Unlike a theatrical horror show, however, what you’ll discover here won’t make you scream—at least not right away. Rather, the experiences will creep back into your brain long after you’ve gone home, when you least expect it, like at 3 a.m., keeping you awake all night long. If you’re traveling with your family, be warned: There’s a minimum-age requirement in most of the history-based ghost tours in these popular vacation spots. Read on, if you dare.…continue reading →

Was a ‘ghost ship’ spotted on Lake Superior?

Reading Time: 1 minute

Jason Asselin was taking in the fall foliage with a friend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When they stopped at Lake Superior to photograph a gorgeous rainbow, things got spooky.

“We were looking at it [the rainbow] and noticed the object,” said Asselin. “I zoomed in and still couldn’t understand what I was seeing.”  And judging by the comments on Asselin’s YouTube video, neither can anyone else.…continue reading →

5 Haunted Forests Around the World

Reading Time: 3 minutes

 Thanks to fairy tales and legends of the Blair Witch variety, a dense, dark forest can elicit feelings of dread. And while most spooky moments can be chalked up to our campfire imaginations running wild, some places around the world carry legitimately terrifying histories that are much harder to brush off with a nervous laugh. From woods filled with the paranormal to the tragic site of hundreds of deaths, these five forests are certainly not for the faint of heart.…continue reading →