Deer hunter has a dusk sighting near Wind Gap

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Report # 58534 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, November 16, 2017.
Deer hunter has a dusk sighting near Wind Gap

YEAR: 2017
MONTH: November
DATE: 13
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Northampton County
LOCATION DETAILS: Omitted for privacy reasons.

OBSERVED: I went into my woods, I was sitting at my deer spot and after sitting for about an hour a few deer ran through the woods. They acted as if something was pushing them. A few seconds later, a Sasquatch (7.5-8 foot tall, reddish brown hair) came following them.

ALSO NOTICED: A wood knock
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Sunset. Cold. Windy.
ENVIRONMENT: Woods, corn fields, mountains. Lots of wetlands and ponds. also lakes and streams. Large plots of undisturbed forest.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Nate Moyer:

After meeting with the witness and being in the area for approximately six hours I believe he saw a Sasquatch. He is a sincere person that did nothing to lead me to think of a hoax.

He told me additional stories from the surrounding area. Most of the family has had some sort of unexplained activity, howls, knocks and whoops. They even had 45 chickens that through the years were all taken or killed. He told me some were taken by an owl but most were not. They had ducks that were killed and left in the enclosure, the heads were pulled off the ducks and left in a pile.

After driving the area and hiking where he had his sighting I believe the area has everything needed to support a family or group of large animals.

Black bears are prevalent in the area and in no way can be what is being seen. All of the statements made are of a flat faced animal with no snout like a bear. He did say that he did first think it was a bear only because he did understand what else it could be.

In this sighting, the witness was deer hunting on the property, the deer were pushed out of a dense thicket of briers where they are usually safe from humans. The doe he shot was not concerned with him being there, it was more worried about something behind it. After the deer was shot a figure emerged from the thicket, it was a tall, 7-8 foot tall, walking on two legs approached the dead deer and looked directly at Sean. He was frozen in place and could only watch as it disappeared back up the hill.

This property is surrounded by state game lands that lead to a vast area of forest. This is an ongoing investigation area and because of that, and the witness’ grandparents, we will not disclose the location.

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