10 Pseudoscientists And Their Bizarre Theories

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Science is something of . . . well . . . an inexact science. Throughout history, there have been countless explanations of natural phenomena that we’ve considered true, only to discover decades later that we were really off the mark. There are some scientists, though, whose theories seem so far out in left field that they’re not even playing the same game.…continue reading →

10 Pseudohistorians And Their Bizarre Theories

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Created by folklorists, scientists, and archaeologists outside of the mainstream, pseudohistory strives to tell the stories of what “really” happened in our Earth’s past. Whether they believe the truth was simply forgotten, interpreted incorrectly, or covered up on purpose, pseudohistorians lurk on the fringes of mainstream academia, peeking into the home of accepted knowledge during the night and occasionally throwing a rock through the window.…continue reading →

10 Places Abandoned After Disasters

Reading Time: 8 minutes

In the wake of massive disasters, it isn’t uncommon for entire communities to abandon affected areas and never return. This is done for a variety of reasons: the damage and destruction might be too severe for rebuilding work to ever take place; there might be a chance that the disaster could occur again at a later date; or, simply, the loss of life that occurred might be too heartbreaking.
Indeed, you might have heard about the abandonment of places like Chernobyl and Centralia from previous articles. So, here are ten examples of this phenomenon which you might not have heard about:…continue reading →

10 Bizarre Mythological Creatures

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There are many well known examples of creatures from mythology that inspire dread, awe, curiosity or a even a combo of all three. Many of these have proved popular fodder in books and films – from Smaug the dragon, to the vampires in that popular vampire series I can’t for the life of me remember the name of.
But there are other, less marketable creatures that deserve more recognition – creatures yet to get their big break in Hollywood. So here’s a list of some of the stranger, lesser-known mythological creatures found in folklore across the globe.…continue reading →