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Dreamworld is a theme park in Coomera, Queensland. One building inside the grounds of the theme park, where the reality television series Big Brother Australia is produced, has been reported to be haunted since the show’s first season during 2001. Numerous production staff claim to have witnessed the presence of a young girl, as well as a child’s voice and fog appearing late at night and early in the morning. Additionally, theme park employees have spoken about sightings of a ghost nicknamed Jack Darke, named after a gold prospector who was claimed to have been killed by a buzzsaw during 1897.
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Belgrave Hall

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Belgrave Hall is a Queen Anne-style Grade II* listed building in Belgrave. It is located on the northern edge of the city of Leicester.…continue reading →

Althorp, Northamptonshire

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Althorp in July 2007

Althorp (/ˈɔːlθɔːrp, -trəp/) is a Grade I listed stately home and estate in the civil parish of Althorp, in Daventry District, Northamptonshire, England of about 13,000 acres (5,300 ha). By road it is about 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of the county town of Northampton and about 75 miles (121 km) northwest of central London. It has been held by the prominent aristocratic Spencer family for more than 500 years, and has been owned by Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer since 1992. It was also the home of Lady Diana Spencer (later Princess of Wales) from her parents’ divorce until her marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales.…continue reading →

Treasurer’s House, York

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The Treasurer’s House in York, North Yorkshire, England is a Grade I listed historic house owned by the National Trust who also maintain its garden. It is located directly to the north of York Minster.…continue reading →

Old Rectory, Epworth

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Epworth Rectory

The Old Rectory in Epworth, Lincolnshire is a Queen Anne style building, rebuilt after a fire in 1709, which has been completely restored and is now the property of the British Methodist Church, who maintain it as a museum. It is the site of supposed paranormal events that occurred in 1716, while the Wesley family was living in the house. The rectory was home to the Reverend Samuel Wesley, his wife Susanna and their 19 children, one of whom, John Wesley, grew up to become a founder of the Methodist Church.
The Old Rectory is managed by a board of trustees appointed by the British Methodist Conference and the World Methodist Council. The current chair of trustees (2015) is the Rev. Graham Carter, a past President of the Methodist Conference.…continue reading →