America’s Most Mysterious Places

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Paranormal happenings, mysteriously erected sites and odd sounds await the curious souls at some of the strangest places in the US.

The country teems of unsolved mysteries that spark the imagination of the inquisitive traveler. Read on to find out about some of these mysterious places. Grab some cheap flight tickets and coax that Sherlock in you to venture into an incredible escapade.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California: This 160-room mansion is one mysterious maze with doors that open to walls, staircases that lead to nowhere and mile-long hallways that do not end. The house was originally constructed by Sarah Winchester who sought spiritual guidance to overcome her depression after losing her daughter and husband to illness. It is believed that the Winchester family was cursed and was haunted by the spirits of the dead who were murdered by the Winchester rifle. The only way to escape the curse was to construct a home for the departed souls and never stop building it. For 38 years, construction of the house continued until the death of Sarah Winchester. Book Aeromexico Airlines Reservations to San Jose and look for the unlucky number 13 that features in numerous places around the house.

Berkeley Mystery Walls, San Francisco, California: These are a cluster of stone walls created in an unusual pattern throughout the Bay Area of California, extending from Berkeley to San Jose. The objective and the mind behind its construction is still not known. The pattern is irregular, there are holes in the structure and they are too low to serve the purpose of defense. A lot of theories have been put forward to justify the mystery but the spookiness still clouds around its existence. While booking airline tickets to San Francisco, do check out the offers on Allegiant Airlines booking.

The Grave of the Female Stranger, Alexandria, Virginia: According to the legend, a young couple cruised to Alexandria in 1816. They rented a room at Gatsby’s Tavern. The wife was severely ill and the husband arranged for a doctor to attend to her. Things got strange when the man refused to reveal the identity of the woman. Shortly afterwards, the wife died and the man buried her without revealing the news to anyone. The identity of the woman invited a lot of conjectures. The most famous one says that she was Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of the former Vice President Aaron Burr who had mysteriously disappeared in the sea. Some locals claim to have seen her spirit wandering around.

Lake Michigan Monster: Lake Michigan is believed to be home to a huge prehistoric creature. Reportedly, the monster is about 60 feet long and has a catlike head and body of a lizard. The sightings date back to 1817 and the bizarre creature is referred to as “Sea Panther” by the Native Americans.

St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans is immersed in folklores of vampires and witchcraft. The city is home to numerous cemeteries but the St. Louis Cemetery stands out. The cemetery is reportedly home to several spirits, including the voodoo queen of the city, Marie Laveau. Travelers may book Aeromexico Airlines flights or Allegiant Airlines flights to New Orleans and unravel the spooky mystery behind these myths or truths? It is for you to decide.

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