Annies Road

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Annies Road is more commonly known as Riverview Drive in Totowa, NJ. Annie herself is a haunting commonly referred to as a “Woman in White”. These spirits are female ghosts reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy. Common to many is the theme of losing or being betrayed by a loved one.

In the case of Annie, her tale surrounds the night of Prom. After a wonderful night together at the event, a young couple (Annie and her boyfriend) began to bicker at each other while traveling along Riverview Drive. Heading past Lackawanna Ave and further past the streetlight the fighting grew worse as the street grew darker. Eventually, Annie’s boyfriend became so infuriated that he kicked her out and left her on the side of the road. She was alone….lost.

Knowing she was close to Totowa Road on the other end, she began walking to find some help. On her right raged the Passaic River and on her left laid the Laurel Grove Cemetery. She began to see some bright lights and without warning was hit by a large pickup truck killing her instantly. Her dress became tangled in the car and she was dragged down the road shearing off her face.

After the incident, strange things began to occur. On an annual basis, a large red blood stain (actually paint) would appear on the road. This was rumored to be her father who wanted people to remember the tragic incident that took place. Since the road was repaved in the early 2000’s this has since stopped.

Annies Road Today
Many locals report various paranormal activity including electric failure: phones, cameras, and headlights on older cars. Some claim to see the young woman. As legend states, if a young man is to see her and stop, she will enter the car and seduce the young man to crash. Other legends call her a harbinger of death, that if you see her it means grave peril for either yourself or a close relative.

Other sightings include orbs, strange fog patterns, and screams that can be heard. While most of these incidents are associated with Annie there are a few skeptics who believe the true source of the hauntings is the cemetery which is home to countless potential lost souls.

Whatever you believe, Annie will be waiting for you, looking for her long lost love.

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