Campers spot large creature cross path

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Report # 3561 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 21, 1998.
Campers spot large creature cross path

YEAR: 1998
SEASON: Summer
DATE: 28th
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Erie County
LOCATION DETAILS: Erie county, Pennsylvania. Dirt path on a campground less than 1 mile south of lake Erie.

OBSERVED: Working as a volunteer at the camp, I was with several campers at a site. Two of the campers began walking down a path away from the campsite, and I was forced to go after them. After walking approx. 60 yards from the campsite (the path bended from the campsite, giving us minimal light from the campfire) one of the campers ducked behind a tree and the other crouched in the path about five feet in front of me. I told the one behind the tree to come over to me which he did. I was about to tell the second camper to get up and come over to me, when the “creature” strolled across the path.

It was aprox. 7 1/2 feet tall, and slim (it was about 10 feet farther than the camper away from me). Losing sight of the creature, due to the dark and the trees, I turned to the camper besides me, and asked ” did you see that?”. When I was asking the camper , the second camper on the ground said “there it is again”. I personally did not see it the second time. The camper besides me said he didn’t see anything, and i wrote the incident off as another staffer strolling the camp. The next day I did further investigating, looking for footprints, etc. to see if i could see who was roaming around.

There were no signs. I must admit I put little effort in lookng though. I asked my co-counselor ,Ted, if he had been roaming about or if he knew who had. Ted said (he was at the lodge at the time) that everybody was in bed( the non-couseling staff stay in the lodge and another cabin)and that it wasn’t him. Upon hearing this, i then thought about the possibility of a sasquatch. After this incident, i have regained my interest in cryptozoology as a hobby, which is limited, since i now attend art school in downtown Pittsburgh.

OTHER WITNESSES: The two campers and myself. I’m not giving the names of the kids or the campsite, unless for serious investigation. Under camp policy, I’m not supposed to give the names of campers for any reason. sorry.

ENVIRONMENT: the trail runs along a ridge, with a swamp, which becomes a pond further down the trail, on the north side and more swamp (not as thick) on the south side. Fairly thick trees run the sides of the ridges. I now the near( within a few feet) spot of the sighting.

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