Daylight sighting behind business near Allison Park

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Report # 13714 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 31, 2006.
Daylight sighting behind business near Allison Park

YEAR: 2006
SEASON: Winter
DATE: January 30, 2006
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Allegheny County
NEAREST TOWN: Allison Park
NEAREST ROAD: Wildwood Sample Rd.
OBSERVED: I was at work with my uncle. Its a family business, and it is located near the forest, with a huge open field across the creek. Anyways, we weren’t very busy at work, so my uncle is walking around and looks out the back door, he stops, and yells to me, HEY COME HERE! So i run over to where he’s standing and see this big black hairy thing running down the hill. It definitely wasn’t a bear, a bear can’t run down a hill on 2 feet. This thing was very big and hairy like an ape, and it moved very very fast.
OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, we were just cleaning up at work a bit
OTHER STORIES: Yes many, my uncle said he saw something of that sort as a kid, and i’ve heard from people in the past that there have been sightings there.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 2:00 pm, cloudy but bright out, unseasonably warm 50 degrees F.
ENVIRONMENT: Forest, creek, hills, open field/slight hill

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator:

I spoke to witness on Feb 4, 2006 and again on Feb 10, 2006.

He said he was two hundred feet from the animal. He thought the whole sighting was about ten seconds.

He told me that he saw a really big, black hairy creature running on two legs and moving very fast. The hair was about two to three inches long. It seemed to him to be scared and running from a property nearby and back into the woods.

The property is located in a pretty remote location, but there are two businesses in the area. The location has a lot of forest and hills with a creek running behind it. There are abandoned mines a couple hundred yards from the location.

The witness is a hunter and has seen bears in the wild before.

His uncle said he saw one moving through a thicket near the same location years before.

He has been interested in the paranormal since he was 11yrs old. He has had many experiences with both ghosts and UFO's and it has just solidified his beliefs. He set up this site to catalogue as much information about the paranormal in one location. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001.