Daylight sighting by horseback rider

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Report # 63738 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 6, 2019.
Daylight sighting by horseback rider below Bald Butte, Mt. Hood zone

YEAR: 1982
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Oregon
COUNTY: Hood River County
NEAREST ROAD: Bailey rd, off Miller rd, off highway 35
OBSERVED: My granny Pearl V. Bailey lived on a dirt road just up the hill from hwy 35 in the town of Mt. Hood. I guess about 15 miles or so from Hood River, Or. I think it was either 1981 or 1982. I was born in 69.

My uncle Doug let me ride Babe ( his mare) up to bald beautte. I was pretty sure my cousin James was the one with me but a head injury to James has rendered his memory poor. Anyway, this was our plan, ride up there, have cocoa, ride back. Well we soon realized that wasn’t going to happen cause we saw light would be long gone by the time we made it to the top.

We decided to get off the horse and drink cocoa that was in our thermos. One of us tied the horse. We were above bone ditch but below bald beautte. It was on a hillside. There was still enough light to see but it was getting near time to go and Babe looked across the hill and her eyes got huge as she reared back trying to get loose. I looked where her eyes were looking and maybe 50 yds away or so this huge hairy man took one step towards us, maybe he was just walking, then turned 180 deg and walked away as if he cared less. I was so damn scared! I am trembling now as I recall this. I untied the horse and we ran as fast as we could.

When we got back to grannys I told my mom but she didn’t believe me! The room I stayed in at her house had a door with a window in it facing bald beautte. Nightmares for years about this. For years I only said I saw a hairy man…but it was a bigfoot.

OTHER WITNESSES: cousin James and,well I told my mom right afterwards
OTHER STORIES: yes, a few years ago i looked in your site and someone else had reported him on bald beautte in 1982.!!! I cried honestly because I felt validated.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: just prior to dusk
ENVIRONMENT: side of the hill, steep terrain, some trees

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Llewellyn:

I talked to the witness by phone:

It was July or August, 1982. He believes the horse saw the figure first. Then he saw it for about ten seconds.

He described it as about eight feet tall, but remembers that it seemed “bigger than life.” It was dark brown with hair about three inches long, but with shorter hair on the head. It had a huge body with a head that flowed into the shoulders. He describes the face as more similar to a human but the dark eyes were farther apart than a person. The mouth was closed.

The arms were down to the knees and he saw arms swing as it walked away. He did not detect any foul odor.

He was so shaken up and they ran with the horse for awhile. He said, “It would have been faster to get away on the horse.”

He has never been back to Bald Butte and he never talked about seeing a Bigfoot until a few years ago.

The BFRO report he refers to is #672.


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