Evening sighting by two young boys

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Report # 4176 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 22, 1999.
Evening sighting by two young boys

YEAR: 1999
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: April
DATE: 26
COUNTY: Adams County
LOCATION DETAILS: Off S.R. 348; Jefferson Township; Adams County

OBSERVED: (As told by mother ( Sue) and later confirmed by her son during a personal interview.)
On April 26,1999 Monday eve around 7:30 pm they were finishing up and my son (10) was outside the tree house when he says he heard some chicken hawks squawking around a tree approx. a few hundred feet from him. He says he looked up and the tree was shaking and then saw a long tail hanging from the tree. He ran up into his tree house and told his cousin he saw something. When my nephew looked out he became scared and told Joe to run to the truck. They started to run to the truck when they heard a crashing sound, My nephew said he turned and saw a in his words ” a monster looking thing” It jumped from the tree and began to run toward them. They came to the house and were shaking so bad my nephew was crying. He says it had red eyes long arms with claws on its hands and strange looking feet for sure. Now I drilled them and so did my husband because we wanted to make sure they kept to the story they had told us. They refused to go back to the tree house by themselves so the next day, I walked with them there and they took everything down and said they hoped to never go back again. My son said to him it was a bad memory. You have to understand this son of mine loves the woods and is out there all the time but says he will never go in the woods alone again.

Now that Spring is here and the leaves are out I don’t know how in the world we will ever get this thing. I really hope that you will come out here soon and hike this area with us. My husband told me a couple months back when he was looking for my sisters dog, he saw what appeared to be deer fur strewn around an area no bones or anything but the deer hair and it looked really strange. We don’t know what’s up here but something is.

I finally had the opportunity to talk to the guy who also claims to have seen something in the woods. I never believed his story until my sons saw the strange prints in the snow up there. So I apologized to Andre and told him about the footprints. I also told him I had contacted you and he said he would talk to you too. He said he contacted the Dept. of Forestry . He told me exactly what his creature looked like and I have to believe from what I have heard from him my sons and nephew it was the same thing.


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