Father and two sons see a sasquatch near Holiday Island

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Report # 62678 (Class A)
Submitted by Darin W. on Sunday, March 31, 2019.
Father and two sons see a sasquatch near Holiday Island

YEAR: 1997
SEASON: Spring
DATE: 10
STATE: Arkansas
COUNTY: Carroll County
NEAREST TOWN: Holiday island

OBSERVED: I have no doubt about what we saw. It was springtime in 1997. Me, my dad and brother in law was fishing in a boat by Holiday Island, AR in a cove called the Leatherwood Creek. We were trolling along the bank and at about 9 am along an area that opened up from the trees to a rocky area that was a power line clearing when we seen a Bigfoot like creature walking upright over fairly big rocks towards the power line.

He was hairy, walked kind of slumped, arms seemed to be long, everything you would think about Bigfoot. The only thing is didn’t seem to me to be like 6-7 ft tall, more like 5 ft but could of been the angle and distance, guessing 50 yds. Don’t remember face in a descriptive way other than struck me as a kind of demonic look. We floated by fairly quickly but had time to witness this.

When we cleared view of it I asked my dad and brother in law if they seen what I did and they said yes. We were in shock and dumb founded.

My dad died in 2005 and me and my brother in law has brought it up a couple times since then.

OTHER STORIES: Just what I read on carrol county, same area within miles

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I contacted witness via phone and emails. He was eager to finally speak about the event he had been sitting on for years. I usually ask, when the incident happened years before, why the long wait to come forward. And the answer is usually fear of ridicule or mockery.

They had gone trolling along the bank of a lake about 9AM. The current was moving them along at the perfect speed for trolling. The creature was first seen emerging from the woods near “a power line clearing”. This clearing was for telephone poles and not the large clear cuts for the big power towers. The clearing was 30 feet or so versus 150 feet or more for the big clear cuts.

The three of them sat in stunned silence as they floated the current. The creature was “black or dark brown and walking over fairly big rocks that were about 2 feet around”. It had a “slightly slumped over posture with very long arms and a very long stride”. It had ” a demonic look”.

The distance was about 50 yards or less, and that distance was maintained during the sighting. The creature walked along the rocky bank across the power line clearing and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the clearing.

Before the sighting they had no preconceived notions of Sasquatch. They had heard of it but there had been no overt interest.

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