Fisherman finds possible footprints

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Report # 48695 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 15, 2015.
Fisherman finds possible footprints on the Carp River north of St. Ignace
YEAR: 2015
SEASON: Spring
DATE: 10
STATE: Michigan
COUNTY: Mackinac County
NEAREST TOWN: St.Ignace, Michigan
OBSERVED: I was steelhead fishing in the U P michigan, 8:00am. After two days raining only tracks on the river were deer, and mine…until I found two sets of barefoot tracks. I have pictures. One set was larger than the other. What bugs me is, I was two miles upriver from my truck, nobody around for miles.

It was 5/10/15, 40 degrees out, water temp about the same, and they crossed the river…there isn’t anything over there for miles but woods
and the river is four foot deep right there. Neither track had an arch, the tracks were flat and broad.They sunk in the wet sand way deeper than mine. They were not human. If someone would call me, I would be happy to share the pictures, and the rest of the story.
ALSO NOTICED: you need to see the pictures and the video
OTHER STORIES: for years, tracks, hair, howl’s, screams, whistles, tree banging, whoops all kinds of stuff we can’t explain. three of us, that is.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8:00am cloudy cool been raining for two days
ENVIRONMENT: mature spruce, pine forest, steep embankments, some tag alder, typical UP river country

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

Fisherman finds possible footprints on the Carp River north of St. Ignace

Witness is a retired carpenter that lives down state and comes up to to the UP many times a year, hunting and fishing the area. He has done impressive carpentry work at one of the local national parks as well. In addition to submitting this report he called us, excited to share. I called him and he sent me his photos.

Many times he and his buddies have experienced home-run knocks, charging, paralleling, interesting track and hair finds.

He is positive nobody else was there that morning. He feels as if he surprised the track makers, insisting they were recently made.

Knowing the area well and where other folks would be going into the area or parking, he knew he was alone. With the weather being in the 40s its hard to imagine anyone barefoot, let alone crossing the river in that depth. Our waters up here are still very cold that time of year.

Witness described the location, the gorges and the creek meeting Carp River, where these tracks were found. Too much time had passed to look for the tracks now.

Fisherman finds possible footprints on the Carp River north of St. Ignace

Below are the photos he took that morning. The knife is 8″ long and he said the fish looked as if a bite had been taken out of it.

We were unable to get the video to me from his phone, he explained that the video is of the fish with tracks around it, two sizes, one a bit larger than the other. He admits he wasn’t thinking very good at the time, as far as measurements and collecting evidence.

One-third of St. Ignace is Native American, the second-oldest city founded by Europeans in Michigan. Various cultures of Native Americans have inhabited the area for thousands of years.

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