Footprints found in snow seen by several witnesses

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Report # 2803 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 12, 2001.
Footprints found in snow seen by several witnesses

YEAR: 2001
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Cambria County
LOCATION DETAILS: Directions to exact location available to researchers
NEAREST ROAD: Mineral Point , Rd

OBSERVED: My mother had called me out side in January because of large foot prints. The snow started melting at the time .There were actual toe prints in the front – a big, a little smaller, etc. It was shaped exactly like a normal foot but was 15 to 18 inches in lentgh. We had them the whole way around our property. I walked in the woods days before and it went over my footprints and covered them. Its stride was about 3 feet apart from left foot to right.

ALSO NOTICED: the day before the foot prints didnt appear to be there. so it must of happened at night.

OTHER WITNESSES: 10 people were involved

OTHER STORIES: a friend of my sister encoutered strange glowing eyes standing at over six feet the guy who saw it said he stoped dead in his tracks the animal and him ran.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: late daylight at about 3:45.

ENVIRONMENT: mountains, a nearby dam , maple,pine,etc classify trees

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