Gemory (demon)

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Gemory (also Gremory, Gamori, Gaeneron, Gemon, Gemyem) is a demon listed in demonological grimoires.

Gemory is described in demonological works such as the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic the Liber Officiorum Spirituum the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Lesser Key of Solomon, the Dictionnaire Infernal, as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman (though referred to using the masculine pronouns “he” and “his”) wearing a duchess’s crown and riding a camel, ascribed with the power of revealing hidden treasures and answering questions about the past, present, and future. The Munich Manual, Pseudomonarchia, Lesser Key, and Dictionnaire further give Gemory the power of procuring love from women (although the Liber Officiorum Spirituum describes him as “a companion of the love of women, and especially of maidens”), while the Pseudomonarchia and the Lesser Key note that the duchess’s crown is (somehow) worn on Gemory’s waist. Stephen Skinner and David Rankine, in their edition of The Goetia of Dr Rudd, suggest that this was a mistranslation of the Latin cingitur which should have been translated “encircling her head”.
Gemory is mentioned in a manuscript labelled Fasciculus Rerum Geomanticarum.

Legions and standing
In the Pseudomonarchia, Lesser Key, and Dictionnaire, Gemory is ranked as a duke ruling 26 legions of spirits, but (still a duke) ruling 27 in the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic and ruling 5 or 42 legions as either a duke, prince, or captain, in the Liber Officiorium Spirituum.

According to Rudd, Gremory is opposed by the Shemhamphorasch angel Poiel.

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