Hunter sees creature through rifle scope

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Report # 1005 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 29, 2000.
Hunter sees creature through rifle scope

YEAR: 1993
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: December
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Wayne County
LOCATION DETAILS: This is a big track of land 2000 acres, near Hancock NY, PA border line.
NEAREST TOWN: Hancock, New York
NEAREST ROAD: It was state game lands road 299

OBSERVED: OK gentlemen. First , I can’t believe this even happened to me. I love to hunt and fish and spend lots of time in the outdoors. this incident happened in 1993 in the north eastern corner of the state of Pennsylvania near Hancock, New York on the pa. border line.
I was hunting for deer on our regular season. I walked into an area where in the past I’ve never hunted. thought I would try it out. the area was a thick pine tree area bordered by a large swamp. I found a large pine and sat under it.
the first thing I remember was this horrific smell, like something rotten. I sat for about an hour when I caught a glance of a bear – so I thought. I remember saying to myself what a big bear that is, then I realized it was walking upright. ok, no big deal. bears walk upright, but not for at least 200 yards. when i put my scope on this thing I soon realized it was no bear. I saw a bigfoot. the features were like that of a man, I was shaking so bad. I’ve never been so frightened in my life. this thing just walked through the woods. I never went to check the tracks, I was that upset,
I waited until it was out of sight and believe me ran out of there. I told the party I was with. well they laughed at me and that’s that. one thing, though, this creature was not as tall as bigfoot stories I’ve heard, I’d say it was about five foot ten inches tall, very wide across and walking with a slight limp.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the smell,very bad rotten like
OTHER WITNESSES: Just myself,sitting for deer
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 2:30 afternoon, low lighting conditions, lite snow was falling
ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest bordered by swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Osborne:

When I talked with the witness he stated that from his vantage point he could not see the face directly, just the shoulder and side of the head. He saw a very human-like ear. The creature was black in color and very stocky.

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