Jaroslav Mareš

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Ing Jaroslav Mareš (born 28 December 1937 in Brno, then Czechoslovakia, now Czech republic) is a Czech biologist, traveller and writer.

He graduated from The University of Economics in Prague, getting a degree of Ing (he studied international business). He worked for CSA in Iran and later in Canada. He has visited 85 countries and organised several expeditions for research of cryptids, such as Kongamato (for this he was offered the membership of the International Society for Cryptozoology which he accepted), Nandi Bear, Megalania prisca, Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie, Ogopogo, Champ, Megalodon, Lusca, Ambazombi and others.

  In 1978 he organised an expedition to the tepui which probably inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for writing The Lost World (a book based on stories told to Doyle by Colonel Percy Fawcett).

He also studies dinosaurs (he visited most of the famous fossil sites, such as Nemegt in Mongolia, Tendaguru in Tanzania, Red Deer in Alberta, and other localities in Utah, Colorado, Montana and Patagonia) and corresponds with the world-leading palaeontologists. Another field of his interest is shamanism.

In 1976 he discovered and later scientifically described the world’s strongest carnivorous beetle, Manticora imperator, of the Tiger beetle group. He became a specialist in this group of beetles and later described three more species.

He has published seventeen books and numerous magazine articles.

He has been interested in the paranormal since he was 11yrs old. He has had many experiences with both ghosts and UFO's and it has just solidified his beliefs. He set up this site to catalogue as much information about the paranormal in one location. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001.