Kelly Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania

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In Ohioville, Pennsylvania, there’s a one-mile stretch of Kelly Road where outrageously bizarre activity has allegedly been witnessed. Kelly Road is surrounded by dark, thick woods, certainly not helping in making it any less creepy. Reportedly, when animals hit this piece of land, they turn from sweet and passive to evil and aggressive, violently chasing other animals and even people. Freaky. I can’t even look my dog in the eye right now… Apparitions have reportedly been spotted, and unexplainable noises have allegedly been heard.

The strange happenings on Kelly Road haven’t been definitively explained, but many believe it has something to do with cult activity of the past and possible curses that may have been put on the land.

Under normal circumstances, Kelly Road looks like any other road in western Pennsylvania. It’s a two mile stretch that connects the towns of Industry and Ohioville. It’s just over two miles long. Dozens of people call it their home, and most of them are unaware of the road’s rich, supernatural history. Many of them don’t realize that less than a mile away from their own front doors, one of Beaver County’s oldest mysteries remains.
“One evening I went for a walk,” says Dan Maley, who lived on the road as a boy. “About half a mile into the walk, I heard chickens cackling. I turned around to see eight or nine chickens charging at me. I ran, but they kept right on chasing me. They came out of nowhere. But once I passed the mile, they just stopped. And a few days later, the same thing happened with goats.”

Dan’s experience wasn’t uncommon. Many other residents and visitors of the road had experienced similar phenomena. “My neighbors warned me about the road,” Dan says. “They told me the road was called Mystery Mile because things like that happened all the time.”

Animals chasing you down the street might seem a little silly, but there have been other occurrences on Mystery Mile that are far more disturbing. Former resident Miles Griffin used to operate a small farm on the road. “One morning I went out to feed the animals, and the chicken feed was full of bugs,” he claims. “The entire bag was ruined and the exterminator didn’t have an explanation. He’d never seen anything like it. Neither had I.”

Insects weren’t the only problem Miles experienced at his farm. “A few times I’d be woken up in the middle of night by the animals. They’d just go crazy, making all kinds of racket. Then, just as suddenly, they’d stop. I wouldn’t hear anything for the rest of the night. But when I’d check on them in the morning, I’d find my bales [of hay] torn to shreds, scattered everywhere. It didn’t take too long for me to get out of there.”

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