Large man-like creature seen by witness.

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Report # 3572 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 27, 1999.
Large man-like creature seen by witness.

YEAR: 1973-’76
SEASON: Summer
DATE: 1973-1976 Summer, and November through December
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: York County

LOCATION DETAILS: Peach Bottom Township, Village of Delta on the Mason Dixon Line near Cardiff and Whiteford Md. About 6 miles from where the Muddy Creek joins the Susquehanna River down in a hollow south of the Muddy Creek between SR74 and SR851 lies a pastoral hollow near the creek where there is a clearing served by an old logging trail.

During the summers of 1973 through 1976 inclusive there were repeated sightings of a bigfoot like creature that was recounted by many of the students who attended Kennard Dale High School and would camp and party in that hollow during the summer.

Also there were several abandoned Slate quarrys heavily wooded and they provided an incredible degree of nearly inaccessable habitat for the alleged beast.

OBSERVED: A large Man like creature covered in hair nearly seven foot tall covered in hair with a gait nearly four foot in length.

The stories abounded while we were in school and many sightings would be seen during the begining and near the end of deer season.

ALSO NOTICED: This is near Philadelphia electric’s Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant and about thirty-seven miles south of three mile island.

OTHER WITNESSES: Some drinking but many were clear eyed and sober during hunting season.

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