Top 4 Most Credible ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

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Are they true stories, or thoughts dreamt up by delusional minds? Tales of Alien abductions are rarely taken seriously, something you find in obscure magazines and websites. But every once and a while there comes a story from someone that defies logic and makes us question whether we’re the ones living in delusion. instead of the other way around. These are the top 4 most credible alien abductions.

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Published on Dec 31, 2016

4. John Salter Jr and his Son
A respected professor at the University of North Dakota, John Salter Jr. and his son, John the third were driving in their pick up truck on March 20, 1988. It was 6:25 PM and the two were on an isolated stretch of Route 61 in Wisconsin. An hour and a half later, the two found themselves traveling in the complete opposite direction from where they were heading and realized they had no idea what happened to the lost time. Utterly confused, they decided to rest for the night and continue their trip the next morning.

3. Robert Taylor – The Dechmont Woods Incident
It was supposed to be a normal day for forester, Robert Taylor. He had been working for the Livingston Development Corporation for 16 years and for most of that, his job involved doing inspections inside the Dechmont Forest in Scotland. On the morning of November 9, 1979, he said goodbye to his wife and together with his dog, drove his van to work. He parked on a backroad in the woods, took his tools and began to hike to the remote forest area he was going to inspect.
It was midmorning, around 10:15, not long after his hike began when Robert came across a strange sight. At a small clearing within the dense forest, he saw a spherical dark object hovering menacingly in the air. It was about 20 feet across, metallic but with an emery-like surface. Although he could clearly make out its shape, it would become partly transparent so that Robert could see the fir trees behind it – as if the thing was trying to camouflage itself.

2. Sergeant Charles L. Moody
U.S. Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was watching a fantastic meteor shower in New Mexico during the early morning hours of August 13, 1975. At approximately 1:15, he spotted a bright, glowing metallic disk in the sky falling approximately 300 feet away from where he was. It was around 50 feet long and 18-20 feet wide and just before it hit the ground it stopped. Now floating 15-20 feet above the ground it wobbled a bit before moving towards Moody.
When he realized what was happening, he rushed to his car and attempted to get away but his vehicle wouldn’t start. The object stopped no more then 50 feet from him and it emanated a high-pitched humming sound. HE could see a figure through a rectangular window in the craft, the humming sound stopped and that’s when his entire body went numb.

1. Allagash Waterway Abduction
the Allagash Waterway Abduction is Considered one of the most popular group abduction cases ever recorded.
On August 20, 1976, twins, Jim and Jack Weiner along with their two friends, Chuck Rak and Charlie Folts, decided to have a relaxing wilderness getaway along the Allagash River in Northern Maine. The four young art students had been friends since high school and decided to getaway for a little backwoods adventure. For the next few days, the four canoed and camped along the waterway before reaching Eagle Lake on August 26th. They set up camp and decided to go night fishing for some trout. Before leaving their camp, they made sure to create a huge bonfire, fueling it with big logs that would burn for 2-3 hours, so they could easily find their way back. A little while after they started fishing, Chuck said he felt as if they were being watched. He turned around and that’s when he saw a large bright sphere silently hovering about 2 to – 300 feet above the water coming toward them. He yelled to the others to look at it and all four saw the bright colored orb.

So there the Top 4 Most Credible Alien Abductions

Alien abductions can seem outlandish to many but as you’ve seen, there are some genuine accounts from otherwise reputable people. It’s amazing to think that their stories, however unbelievable they may seem could very well have actually happened.

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