Motorist sighting in Harriman State Park

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Report # 63832 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, December 25, 2019.
Motorist sighting in Harriman State Park not far from Appalachian Trail

YEAR: 1994
MONTH: September
DATE: 14
STATE: New York
COUNTY: Orange County
LOCATION DETAILS: Within Harriman State Park, seasonal rd, closed in winter, off Seven Lakes Drive via Tiorati Circle.
NEAREST ROAD: NY State Thruway, old rt 17, Arden Valley Rd
OBSERVED: My 2 best friends and I would take night rides into Harriman State Park late at night to see what we can spot at night, i.e. bear, deer, fox, etc. Its a beautiful park and the solitude at night in the off season makes the park special. Creepy too!

As we were driving the very windy Garden Valley Rd we had to go slow due to the turns and danger of the steep drop offs on the road side. I was a front seat passenger, high beams on. Driving no more the 25-30 mph. At the max viability of the headlight I see the outline of a large upright being running across in front of us and leaping the bank on the high side of the road, instantly disappearing into rhododendron thickets. I freaked out upon first visual and alerted my friends. The driver hit the breaks, windows open we could hear thrashing of the ground from running but the sighting was over.

My friend the driver did see movement but couldn’t make out what I made out. We both agreed on the sound of it fleeing up the steep slope. What solidified my two friends belief in what I saw was the look of fright and amazement on my face. Features of the upright being I saw were large thick long hair covered legs, human like strides, and tall enough that the headlights did not focus above its midsection, so I couldn’t make out facial features. We were not drinking or doing any illegal substances.

I would love to be able to speak to the park worker who had a sighting in the same location. I am so excited to finally be able to tell this encounter.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses, my two best friends, we would go for rides through the park late at night to view wildlife, which is plentiful. Just a awesome night drive on remote dark quiet county rds. Wed do this often to see what we might find.
OTHER STORIES: Upon logging onto BFRO and searching for sighting in nys counties I frequent for fishing/hiking, I was beside myself to see the report of a parks worker, who lives in the cabin on Arden valley Rd. have a sighting not more then a mile or so from mine. This is why I am reporting my sighting. Til now I was scared/embarrassed to say anything. This is not a coincidence. I’m in astonishment of the other sighting and the parallels of mine. I remember it like it was yesterday, and will never forget it.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night, 11pm. Seasonal rd, no lighting except moonlight and head lights from vehicle.
MJY: witness says 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Clear starlit night, no moon. Dry conditions.
ENVIRONMENT: Narrow road no shoulder, road takes you up and over small mountain and out the back side. Steep slopes small ponds and outlet creeks traverse the terrain. Old school summer camp. Closed up for season. Some pine forests mostly hardwoods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

Harriman State Park is the second largest park in the NYS park system. The Skyscrapers of NYC are visible from the highest peaks in the park. The park is the crown jewel of the Palisades Interstate (NY and NJ) park system. 31 lakes and reservoirs, 47500 acres of pristine “Forever Wild” wilderness.

The US Military Academy at West Point is 20 miles to the Northeast. NYC is only 30 miles to the Southeast.

The Appalachian Trail “AT” crosses Seven Lakes Road, and the area is a major junction for the AT and “The Long Path” which starts at the 175th Street Subway in NYC and proceeds north to the Catskills and ends at the Adirondack Park.

The Path connects the three largest NYS parks (Harriman, Catskill, and Adirondack) in NYS. The Long Path has spurs connecting the High Point (NJ) State Park where there have been several Bigfoot sightings and BFRO expeditions. Sighting occurred one mile west of the intersection of the two trails.

I Interviewed the witness, he mentioned BFRO report 5703 occurred in a basically the same area at the same time of the year.

Witness was with two friends, college friends. Playing classic rock with the windows open (no beer, no drugs). They like to get lost at night in the park driving around.

Arden Valley Road is seasonal is gravel paved road, no shoulders. Sighting occurred about 2 Miles east of I-87. Appalachian trail is actually on Arden Valley road. No houses or buildings on the road. Some streams, summer camps, and lakes on the road. Extremely twisty road, very hilly. Road is built into the hill. Creature was seen at the edge of the headlights. They were driving a Pontiac Grand Am with the high beams on.

Creature was brownish-grey color. Saw from the waist down, heavy, stocky built legs. Had two steps into the street then ascended up the hill. They came to a dead stop and the other passengers heard the creature moving through the woods. Leaf litter walking on leaves and sticks.

Creature took two steps across the road, from the center of the road to the edge. Headlights only lit the bottom half of the creature. Legs and Butt looked very muscular “Top physical form” Creature moved fluidly. Moved with a purpose to get out of the way. Thighs were huge like a football player.

Hair had a sheen, but flat. Hair looked like orangutan hair, long and straight. Salt and pepper hair.

Report # 63832

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