Nan Tuck’s Ghost

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Nan Tuck’s Ghost haunts a lane one mile from Buxted, England, known as Nan Tuck’s Lane. Ms. Tuck, from Rotherfield, allegedly poisoned her husband in c. 1810. The murder was quickly discovered and during the next few days, Tuck evaded her pursuers by climbing hedges and hiding in hay ricks.

Approaching the lane, she sought sanctuary in a church – if one could reach a church and touch the altar, a fugitive might escape human punishment. With renewed courage, she ran down the lane towards Buxted Parish Church, a total distance of several miles. However, she was too late. The local officials were pursuing her. Exhausted, she ran into the woods.

Her capture was then certain. However, she had completely disappeared into the woodlands and was never seen again. Her ghost has allegedly haunted several people in the parish of Buxted. According to legend, she died mysteriously in the woodlands. In that location, a circular patch of land is unfertile and no vegetation will grow there.

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