Nighttime encounter near Sinnemahoning

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Report # 3280 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 29, 2001.
Nighttime encounter near Sinnemahoning, off Montour Run Road

YEAR: 1977
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: August
DATE: labor day weekend
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Cameron County
LOCATION DETAILS: (Withheld per request.)
NEAREST TOWN: Sinnemahoning
NEAREST ROAD: Montour Run Road

OBSERVED: I saw what I think was a bigfoot in the late summer of 1977 in Cameron County, PA. My dad , grandfather and members of the camp we belonged to were up there to cut firewood for hunting season. One night late my grandfather, a friend and me were the only ones still up. We saw a tall creature come on the porch and try to kick the front door down. It then ran off the porch and around the back of the camp . It let out the loudest yell/scream – it woke up almost everyone in the camp. It was clearly walking on hind legs and had hands not paws and was a gray/light brown in color.
I saw it again when we were leaving on Monday it followed the truck we were riding in for a few miles up the road. This camp is 14 miles up a dirt road. It is very remote. I never saw it again but was always afraid to go around there by myself. We also found several squirrels with their skin peeled up to their head eaten by front porch. This was usually when we arrived not while there.

ALSO NOTICED: Squirrels half eaten w/skin pulled up to head.
OTHER WITNESSES: We were playing cards. At least my grandfather+ his friend were, I was reading

OTHER STORIES: No, just grandfather saying about one trip with just us kids and him while we was asleep he was on porch and heard loud scream up on mountain
One hunting season years before my incident he saw something shaggy run away from him on two legs

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It occurred late at night – midnight?
We had a lantern on COLEMAN it was light enough to see the whole porch (HUGE PICTURE WINDOW) was dry I believe.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine trees around camp; apple trees etc. Two steams merge in front of camp. It’s last camp in the valley.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Osborne:

I talked with the witness on the phone. There were no further details on the creature he could provide, except that when they were leaving camp he was riding in the back of a pickup and saw the creature running through the woods following them. By the time he got the attention of the adults to stop the truck the creature had hidden.

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