Objects thrown and banging on a cabin

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Report # 28580 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, December 5, 2010.
Objects thrown and banging on a cabin east of Jericho

YEAR: 2008
MONTH: October
DATE: 16
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Cameron County
LOCATION DETAILS: Cabin in Cameron county PA
OBSERVED: On oct 16, 2008 me my best friend and girlfriend went up to our cabin in Cameron County pa, (Montour run road) to start to scout for the upcoming bear season. on are way up to the cabin we checked other cabins on our road to see if anyone else was on the mountain that day. After and walk we went back to the cabin to eat. our cabin is very small made out of brick and is approx.. 15×10. we started to cook and on the side of the cabin opposite of the stove i heard a banging on the wall outside. i figured it may be a stick falling then it happened again in front of the stove (windows are closed didn’t see anything). me and and my friend went out directly after to see if someone was there. there was no one. we went back in to eat and about 10min later there where three bangs on the door. we came out and walked around the cabin in opposite directions meeting on the back side. we didn’t see or hear a thing but smelled an awful odor. moments later an apple was thrown up the hill and landed about 20 ft. in front of us. we got are stuff out the the cabin and went to the truck while loading the truck a stick was thrown. i am pretty sure that this was not a prank because we checked the other cabins on our way in and checked them on the way out. there were also no other vehicles on the mountain.

ALSO NOTICED: Strong musky smell and apple and stick thrown.
OTHER WITNESSES: 2 my girlfriend and best friend
OTHER STORIES: Just the other one listed on this website
TIME AND CONDITIONS: afternoon around 330
ENVIRONMENT: Top of a mountain very wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul J. Mateja:

12/15/10 Spoke with witness.

The following additional details were obtained during the interview:

  • The incident occurred at approximately 3 p.m. The entire incident lasted approximately 45 minutes.
  • The “hill” mentioned in the report is a small rise behind the cabin that drops off steeply behind it.
  • The apple and stick came from over the hill and the stick hit the vehicle’s driver side quarter panel.
  • It took the witness and his friend about three to four minutes from the time they heard the three rapid banging on the cabin door until they went outside.
  • The odor they smelled was difficult to describe, but hung in the air for about one minute. This investigator has experienced this in the field several times, an odd somewhat sewer-like smell that is suddenly there and then gone.

The witness has been to his cabin many times since this particular incident occurred, but nothing unusual has happened.

This incident is indicative of others I have investigated over the years. Since no other humans were in the area and no other North American animals can throw apples and sticks it is very conceivable that a sasquatch was responsible.

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