Green Castle Ghosts

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Green Castle Ghosts

These pictures were taken in Greencastle Indiana by paranormal investigators who were investigating an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. While one investigator entered the house, the other stayed outside to take pictures of the exterior of the ruined building.

Investigator on the inside became panicked by a feeling that he wasn’t alone and began hearing what he described as a heartbeat next to his ear. The investigator quickly left the house and he and his colleague, spooked by the entire encounter, fled the area.

When the film was developed, three consecutive pictures showed a wispy figure bathed in a pink light in one of the windows while another picture showed the same figure at the backdoor.

Green Castle Ghosts

When the pictures were analyzed by an expert, it was confirmed that the figure was on the negative and not the result of an anomaly or camera malfunction. Chillingly, when the photo was scanned and processed with a computer, the unmistakable form of a skull can be seen on the ghost’s head.

Although the investigators returned to the mansion again, the “Pink Ghost” was never photographed again however, in one shot they did manage to capture what looks like a ghost woman in a flowing gown bathed in gold light.

The bad news is that no further investigation of this location will be possible as the mansion has since been torn down to make way for a cornfield. It seems that the property owners couldn’t justify the insurance risk posed by Legend Trippers who insisted on trespassing on the private property.

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