Sasquatch moves out of a squat position to a run when hit by vehicle head lights

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Report # 4117 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, April 11, 2002.
Sasquatch moves out of a squat position to a run when hit by vehicle head lights

YEAR: 1993
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: April
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Indiana County
LOCATION DETAILS: Recently timbered, strip jobs

OBSERVED: Me and a friend pulled into a gas well a location i’ve been hunting for several years. When i pulled in i saw a tree stump that wasn’t there before so i moved the car to put it in my headlights when i did the stump stood up and ran off on two legs. Let me tell you this creature has the best camo that ive ever seen. If he were to stand by a tree you wouldn’t know he was there. When he ran he took long graceful strides as if he only weighed only ounces. When the light hit he didn’t move at first but then he realized we saw him. He seems to sit on upper portions of open land surounded by dense under brush.
I also seen him 2 years ago while turkey hunting by my self he was angry or he was building a home of sorts he was picking up trees larger than telephone poles and throwing them into a pile. He was difficlt to see, but his coloration is blended grays, and browns. This creature is surprisingly strong. He must have noticed me because he looked in my direction and the just dissapeared.

ALSO NOTICED: A friend of mine lives 1/2 a mile away and seen it in her yard. My son seen it in Aultman at night he woke up and saw it out his grandmothers window 2yrs ago.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1.My friend C.U. going turkey hunting

OTHER STORIES: Yes the above story

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 5:00 am on a warm spring morning

ENVIRONMENT: heavy underbrush, hill top, strip jobs, dense pine
some areas are to thick to walk in many hunters avoid this area…

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