Sighting of a sasquatch next to Interstate 10 near Crestview

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Report # 63433 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Randy K. on Sunday, September 29, 2019.
Sighting of a sasquatch next to Interstate 10 near Crestview

YEAR: 2019
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: August
DATE: 21
STATE: Florida
COUNTY: Okaloosa County
LOCATION DETAILS: [The witness couldn’t pin point the location but it seems to be adjacent to where the Yellow River crosses under I-10 near Crestview]
NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 10 East
OBSERVED: My daughter attends the University of West Florida and I had just finished getting her settled in her dorm room, stocked up on groceries and other essentials. I left in the late morning to head back home which is East of Pensacola some three plus hours.

All through the first hour or so there were tremendous rain bands like we are used to here in Florida. As I was traveling on Interstate 10 the trailer trucks would put up a literal fog of water spray so I wasn’t going more than 50 mph. As I got out of the last rain band the sky got brighter and brighter to the point where I could get back up to 70 mph. I was still following a car at about 10 car lengths. I checked the rear view and no traffic behind and I remember looking around the car ahead and nothing for some distance.

I was just about ready to pass the white car when he put on his brakes and I closed distance to him fairly quickly. I braked also not knowing what was ahead of him – maybe a truck tire carcass and he could swerve into my lane as I pass him. Even though I am driving a p/u truck I ride a motorcycle and sort of drive like I ride, very defensively.

As I slowed I noticed some movement off the road, we were both in the right lane. On the other side of the guard rail something caught my eye. We had just come over either a swampy area or a small creek so there was a guard rail over that area. Still there was a gully between the guard rail and the tree line, maybe 20 feet deep. Almost instantly I thought bear but wrong color. Our bear here are jet black and if they stand and you have the rare chance to see that, they aren’t very tall. In the next thought I had was man in a ghillie suit but wrong again. This was not material. It was hair! Matted down, wet hair. And the height, maybe 8 feet. It was huge.

So as I saw it, by this time I was almost stopped, the car ahead directly abeam of the creature and stopped or very slow. What I saw was a living creature, everything articulated perfectly, head, arms, and legs. I had a profile to a back view of it, saw its muscles in the upper back. The color wasn’t exactly uniform but varied between shades of chocolate brown. The head looked rounded. I couldn’t see ears or a neck but it definitively had a head and looked down before stepping into the gully. At that time I saw arms that moved but really saw the separate legs and saw what was matted hair stuck together from the leg.

Map of sighting

It stepped down, rounded the gully and out the other side to go into the tree line. Its motion was very smooth, almost like it was gliding. So even if a man could don a suit and act like an eight foot tall living creature, how did he manage to walk down a steep embankment that was grassy and wet? Any human would be on his ass or tumble dangerously down that embankment.

Anyway I hurriedly called the wife who laughed at me for a minute or two but then realized I was serious. She said get the license plate of the car (which I didn’t) and where are you. I was surprised that I hadn’t done all that. Frankly I think I was dazed.

Well I know there is someone else that saw this thing. But that is about all. I would estimate this thing weighed about 4-500 pounds, it wasn’t fat or barrel chested. It wasn’t skinny either like it didn’t have enough to eat. It was healthy and athletic in appearance and it sure covered a difficult area in no time. BTW, this Interstate Highway cuts through the Eglin US Air Force Base.

ALSO NOTICED: Military reservation nearby
OTHER WITNESSES: A car just ahead of me, a white compact sedan. I was in a red pick up. Those occupants of the car saw what I saw which I hope they read this one day and just confirm what we saw.
OTHER STORIES: BFRO researcher said several.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Day, early afternoon. Very bright Eastern sky, Western sky very dark and rainy. Sighting was in bright sunlight.
ENVIRONMENT: Thick pine and hardwood forest mixed with low wet areas and swamp.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:
The witness is a Florida State Gov official.

See the 2010 report from this same area. Report # 28634 in Okaloosa County.

It seems there is a sasquatch which comes near the freeway every so often. It would likely be residing in the Yellow River Wildlife Management area. Keep your eyes peeled as you drive along Interstate 10 eastbound just before Crestview.

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