The San Diego Ghost Hunters

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 The San Diego Ghost Hunters is an intimate team of paranormal investigators based in San Diego, California, USA, that specializes in assisting historical landmark owners discover or confirm occupants and events that have passed from our mortal plane but still exist in spirit form.

 SDGH principals include family and friends who together have been unlocking history for over forty years. Their investigations combine advanced tools and skills ranging from the intuitive and psychic to high-tech environmental monitoring. Collected evidence is researched using genealogy and historical societies, and when required, the SDGH’s association of archaeologists and published historians.
 SDGH is proud of its premium reputation. So impressed with its respectful investigation protocol, the team is regularly re-invited to investigate invaluable landmarks and has been tapped by San Diego’s infamous Whaley House Museum to conduct monthly public paranormal investigation tours. Long considered to be one of America’s most haunted, The Whaley House has been noted as such by past US Commerce Department promotional material.
 With the team’s unique mix of intuitive and psychic talent, extensive high-tech environmental monitoring, historical research, and many media appearances including television’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Travel Channel Network, and The Biography Channel, The San Diego Ghost Hunters has become the go-to group for all things paranormal throughout historical San Diego and Southern California.
 SDGH’s services are complimentary to its clients. No monetary charges are made or donations accepted, and no merchandise of any kind is sold from the team’s site. This keeps commerce and their work fully separate, a dynamic SDGH feels is critical for investigative integrity.

Notable Investigations

In addition to a multitude of Whaley House Museum investigations, The San Diego Ghost Hunters have focused its attention on a long list of fascinating locations including: The Queen Mary Historic Ship, Long Beach, CA; David Oman House, Cielo Drive, Hollywood, CA—40th Anniversary Date of Sharon Tate Murders; Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA; Birdcage Theater, Tombstone, AZ; Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, IA; Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA; Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY. Since 2004, sdGH has regularly investigated San Diego Maritime Museum, The Star of India. The team’s two appearances many years ago on Southern California television featured its work on the historic ship and helped ignite the attention she enjoys today within the paranormal community. At a later date, an episode of television’s Ghost Hunters was filmed at the location.

Association with The San Diego Whaley House Museum

Since its founding, The San Diego Ghost Hunters has taken a special interest in the San Diego Whaley House Museum. It symbolizes all that drives the team: A premier national historic landmark that enjoys recognition around the globe as one of America’s most haunted locations. Built in 1857 by businessman Thomas Whaley, the Greek revival-style house became a driving force in early San Diego as it housed at different times a general store, granary, morgue, courthouse, and the town’s first public theater during its commercial years. It seems after 150 years, Mr. Whaley and his family still are looking after the house as experiences of the paranormal kind are reported on an almost daily basis. After working closely with sdGH on various historical projects and recognizing the respectful protocol the team brings to its investigations, museum management asked sdGH to co-host monthly Paranormal Investigation Tours in the fall of 2008.

Whaley House Museum Paranormal Investigation Tours

Since fall 2008, The San Diego Ghost Hunters have co-hosted Whaley House Museum Paranormal Investigation Tours, the first event of its kind offered in San Diego. Presented late night on the last weekend of each month, an intimate number of guest investigators learn about the historical family that built the legendary home and helped establish San Diego as an emerging city, are introduced to paranormal investigation tools and techniques, then put them to use to discover why the US Department of Commerce has published the Whaley House as a haunted location within vintage promotional material. SDGH provides its co-host duties on a volunteer-basis—as a service to the community. One hundred percent of all ticket fees collected are applied to the maintenance and restoration of the museum and historical advocacy programs. The tours have been very popular with sell-outs occurring every month for over three years, at times before tour dates are publicly announced. In late summer 2011, SDGH and museum management shook hands to extend their tour partnership through 2012.

Media Contributions

Being a premier Southern California investigation team, The San Diego Ghost Hunters has been tapped for media consultation since its founding. Appearances have included The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Travel Channel’s Halloween special “Most Terrifying Places in America”, The Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story”, a multitude of Southern California television news broadcasts and morning shows, newspaper features, technical consultation with VH1 Network, and contributions to books detailing haunted locations and stories edited by popular author, historian, archeologist Robert Wlodarski and acclaimed author Troy Taylor. Team members have also been featured on numerous radio programs including those on the Haunted Voices Radio Network and BIM Paranormal Radio.


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