Thirteen year old boy has afternoon sighting while playing.

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Report # 9607 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 24, 2004.
Thirteen year old boy has afternoon sighting while playing.

YEAR: 1994
MONTH: October
DATE: 10/15/1994
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Fayette County
LOCATION DETAILS: off 119 between Everson and Connellsville
NEAREST TOWN: Connellsville
NEAREST ROAD: Moyer rd. 119

OBSERVED: Me and my brothers were playing on these dirt hills behind our house. We were all having fun. When I got this feeling that something was watching me. So I turned around and I saw something that i will never forget. It was maybe 8 feet tall. Standing on 2 legs covered in brown hair. As soon as I seen it, it just slowly turned around and walked away. When it walked away it swung its arms up and down. Then I ran home to tell my mother. She said it might have been a deer or bear. But the don’t walk away on 2 legs and swing there arms. the next day I went to show them where I saw it and there was small trees twisted down and foot prints. I was 12 when I seen it, I am 22 now and i will never forget what I saw.

ALSO NOTICED: foot prints, twisted trees, short time after my mother heard loud unknown animal noise
TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was a nice fall day sunny. It was around 1:00 pm
ENVIRONMENT: just small brush and some trees

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul J. Mateja:

12/02/04: Spoke with Jason and his mother.

His mother confirmed that he did see something that scared him to death. He would not sleep alone in his bedroom after the incident. She also has heard odd animal noises emanating from the hills behind her house.

Jason added the following:

  • He is now 22 years old, but it still gives him goose bumps to talk about it.
  • They were playing about 60 yards behind the house and the creature was another 40 yards beyond.
  • He was the only one to see it. The sighting only lasted about 3 seconds. By the time he caught his brothers’ attention it was gone.
  • The creature was at least 8 feet tall.
  • He could not make out the facial features, but, it had a pointed or conical shaped head.
  • It had short brown-black hair covering most of its body. The chest area appeared to be lighter in color. In retrospect, Jason believes it may have been a female. Shorter, thinner hair covering its breasts may have caused the color contrast that he mistook for lighter colored hair.
  • The trees they inspected later were 3 inches or more in diameter and were broken and twisted down.
  • The footprints were not sharply defined. But, you could tell that something large and heavy had made them.

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