Two campers hear morning vocalization near Galeton

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Report # 3926 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, March 12, 2002.
Two campers hear morning vocalization near Galeton

YEAR: 2000
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: March
DATE: last of Mo
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Potter County
LOCATION DETAILS: Withheld per request.
NEAREST ROAD: Junction Road

OBSERVED: My friend had taken me to potter co. PA to see if I was interested in joining his camp. We had been there two days and were getting ready to leave. I was going out to the jeep when we heard this guttural scream of the likes of which neither of us had ever heard before. I grew up in WV and have spent half my life in the woods both night and day and have never heard a sound like that. We just heard it once and haven’t heard it again, but in the fall of the next year I saw tracks crossing a frost covered field where something had taken very long strides. There were no indented tracks because the ground was frozen.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing I know of
TIME AND CONDITIONS: We heard the scream around 8:00AM It was cool cloudy day
ENVIRONMENT: Very hilly terrain heavily wooded with a stream running down along valley

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