Two witnesses to road crossing Sasquatch

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Report # 63981 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Bethany Manning on Friday, January 24, 2020.
Two witnesses to road crossing Sasquatch, 23 miles south of Columbus, near Stoutsville

YEAR: 2019
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: December
DATE: 20
COUNTY: Fairfield County
LOCATION DETAILS: The intersection of Winchester Southern Rd and Wyandotte Rd
NEAREST TOWN: Stoutsville
NEAREST ROAD: Winchester Southern Rd, Wyandotte Rd SW

OBSERVED: My husband and I were driving home down Winchester Southern Rd toward St Rt 22 around 9:00pm on 12/20/2019. It was completely dark outside by this time. We were going around 60mph. My husband was on high alert for deer. We were just talking to each other when we approached the right hand turn off to Wyandotte Rd. My husband fell silent. He saw a very large, very tall, bipedal creature running toward the road from the left hand side. Within a split second I also saw this creature as it continued approaching the road at a full run. It entered into the peripheral of our headlights and came within 2-3 feet of the driver side window.

Comparing the creature to our truck, it had to have been nearly 8 feet tall, as it was slightly slouched while running and was a head taller than our truck. It had blondish red fur and domed shoulder/head area.

Since we were going around 60 mph as all of this happened, it ended up barely missing our truck and crossing the road behind us. We didn’t speak for 15-20 seconds until my husband finally said “What was that?!” We immediately turned around and traveled down Wyandotte Rd, in the direction it went behind us, but did not see or hear anything. We also used a spotlight from the truck to look along the road on both sides where we initially saw it but did not see any disturbance. The next morning we stopped at the exact spot again and looked for anything on the ground in the area but did not see anything.

ALSO NOTICED: We checked for any disturbances on the ground where the incident took place immediately after and the following morning but did not see anything. The ground was very hard from the cold.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, one was driving and the other was in the passenger seat, we were just talking prior to the incident

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 9:00 pm, very dark outside, rural area, a few nearby houses but not much light

ENVIRONMENT: Rural open fields, a few nearby houses specifically a brick house directly across from the entrance to Wyandotte Rd

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

The witness names are Bethany and Logan Manning. I spoke with both of them by phone. They sound very credible and they run a landscaping business in the area.

They were traveling north from Logan’s parents home in Stoutsville back to their home in Canal Winchester, 16 miles to the north of Stoutsville. Their child was sleeping in the back bench of the truck when the incident happened.

Both witness are sharp and quite certain the figure was not a person in a costume. They are certain it was a real creature. It got close enough for them to see it clearly, albeit briefly.

It was at least 8 feet tall. The roof of the pickup truck is 7 feet 6 inches high. The creature’s head was higher than the roof even though it was slightly hunched over when running.

Why would a Sasquatch be in this area? Answer: There are many, many deer in the area. The witness has collided with deer more than once on this road. It is likely this Sasquatch was in pursuit of deer.

The road it crossed was Winchester Southern Road, which is the County line between Pickaway and Fairfield County, so the Sasquatch was crossing from Pickaway County into Fairfield County.

There are many more sighting reports from Fairfield County than Pickaway County.


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