UFO case spotted in São Vicente turns 25

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The case of an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sighting in São Vicente turns 15 in 2020. The incident happened on October 1, 1995 on Ilha do Major, a mangrove area near the Piaçabuçu River, which borders Praia Big.

Researchers from the Guarujá Ufological Group (GUG) and the witnesses investigate the landing mark
Photo: Reproduction / Guarujá Ufological Group / Fenomenum Portal

At the time, fishermen Fernando Bezerra and Wilson da Silva Oliveira, were already collecting their fishing nets, when on board their vessel they watched in fright the landing, a few meters away, from a brightly lit UFO, on Ilha do Major.

“When the light was over our heads, it changed direction and went to an islet, where it landed. On the underside of the device there were lights that turned, ”reported Fernando Bezerra, in an interview with the History Channel’s Contact Extraterrestrial program. Wilson, terrified at the time, said: “I almost died of fear. I hid in the hold of the boat ”.

Fishermen report that the luminosity coming from the flying object, in a disk format, was yellowish and intense. They claim that they tried to escape, but that the vessel’s engine turned off when the UFO passed over them.

“We made about ten attempts until the engine started, then we left quickly. We could see, in the escape, that the object landed on a small island located between the meanders of the Piaçabuçu River mangroves ”, said fisherman Fernando, to the TV program.

Following day
The next day, at dawn, the two fishermen returned to the place and noticed a circular mark on the soil of the islet. The circle was 5.5 meters in diameter and the vegetation was dry, dented and leveled, clockwise, where the UFO would have landed. They also found four brands of rectangular support shoes, each 10 x 15 centimeters.

Health problems
During the program on the History Channel, the two fishermen said that their health has been affected since that time, having to stay away from fishing. They even presented medical exams confirming this reality.

Sources: History Channel, Portal Burn, Grupo Ufológico de Guarujá and Portal Fenomenum.

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