UFO-Memorial Ängelholm

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The UFO-Memorial Ängelholm is a statue dedicated to a supposed UFO landing in Kronoskogen, a suburb of Ängelholm, Sweden. A few other such memorials exist in Europe (other examples include the memorial for the Robert Taylor incident in Livingston in Scotland and the Emilcin UFO memorial in Emilcin, Poland).

The UFO Memorial in Ängelholm

Dedicated in 1963, it is situated in a forest clearing at Kronoskogen, which had witnessed numerous “large-scale test flights” in that time period. The UFO-Memorial Ängelholm memorialises the landing of a UFO, which is said to have taken place on 18 May 1946 and to have been seen by the Swedish entrepreneur, founder and owner of Cernelle AB, Gösta Carlsson. The memorial consists of a model of the UFO and the landing traces, and is constructed of concrete.

Clas Svahn, chairman of UFO-Sweden, has investigated the case and written a book together with Gösta Carlsson about the incident. According to him there was no convincing evidence that the event ever took place the way Gösta Carlsson described it.

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