Young Woman Observes Large Biped in a Field

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Report # 15306 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 24, 2006.
Young Woman Observes Large Biped in a Field east of Pittsburgh

YEAR: 2006
SEASON: Summer
DATE: 23
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Allegheny County
LOCATION DETAILS: right off of route 909 onto kerr road
NEAREST TOWN: 3 or 4 miles
NEAREST ROAD: 600 yards
OBSERVED: My name is Amanda and I live in Plum, Pennsylvania. On july 23rd, I was sitting outside talking to my boyfriend of nine months, Tommy. I heard some moving in the woods beside our house, but disregarded it as a wolf or a bear or something like that. I continued talking to tommy for about another 20 minutes when i smelled something strange and happened to look up and see a figure in the middle of our field that appeared to be about 8 or 9 feet tall. It was very large and was covered in dark brown to black hair from head to foot. It’s face was part human, part…something else. I jumped up in fear, ran into my house and immediately locked the doors and shut the blinds. My family was wondering what was wrong with me, they all said that i was “as pale as a ghost”. My mom went out and shone a flashlight around, we saw nothing else that night. The next morning my cousin and I woke up and went outside to investigate. We found flattened grass and 3 clearings in the woods and tracks that led deep into the woods. We were going to go into the woods, but both of us were to frightened by what we had already found to venture off into the woods. that was the scariest moment of my entire life.
ALSO NOTICED: flattened grass, moved brush, strange odors
OTHER WITNESSES: my mom, sister, friend, and cousin were inside watching tv. My boyfriend was on the phone with me
OTHER STORIES: My father and his father were out in the woods a little distance away from here and they heard similar noises and they felt like someone was watching them.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 9 p.m. Dim lighting from inside house, partly cloudy and chilly
ENVIRONMENT: woods, hills, fields,

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert J Gorny:

The witness was interviewed by phone and seemed shaken by the experience. The following information can be added:

* The figure was about 30 feet from the witness during the sighting.
* Broken limbs and bent saplings were found in nearby woods after the sighting.
* The witness has since moved down the road from the location and knows the current resident of the property, but is unaware of any recent activity.
* The location is in an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh, characterized by patches of woods and ravines near the Allegheny River.

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