A family describes ongoing incidents

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Report # 63387 (Class A)
Submitted by No. Keep everything private, including exact location. on Friday, September 20, 2019.
A family describes ongoing incidents near Meramec River outside Saint Clair

YEAR: 2019
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: March
STATE: Missouri
COUNTY: Franklin County
NEAREST TOWN: Saint Clair mo
NEAREST ROAD: Brush creek road

OBSERVED: We bought our place 5 years ago on the Meramec River here in Franklin County Missouri. Things happen on a daily basis, like howls, tree knocks and something looming in our woods.

Our son used to travel home late at night on his electric bike 2.5 miles from town to home here. He stopped traveling at night (3 am) after something 7 foot tall white and hairy crossed a field next to the road and was gone. It terrified him so much he moved into town permanently and will not live out here.

Myself and my husband hear strange howl calls. I hear tree knocks on our back land, and smell a horrible wet dog smell sometimes coming off the hill. I do not trail walk our land anymore nor do I go out at dark. I have chickens disappear from a locked coop and 2 peacocks killed inside a locked 10 foot by 10 foot cage. The 200 acres down the road is where my son seen the one head towards.

As a Minister I was hesitant to write this but feel something is out here and in a group. I believe a investigation should be done. My guard dog refuses to be out in the back land area as if frightened of something. I won’t even swim in our pool alone. I feel watched and a few times seen something tall in the woods but could not get the nerve to get closer. As we have found deer legs and parts that should not have been killed as we do not hunt our forest animals. Today I heard tree knocks again when I stepped out to feed the barn cats. Nope. I came back in it creeps me out. I almost want to sell our place but it’s so beautiful out here. The bluff off the back land is a 100 foot bluff above the Meramec River. Lots of open spaced land in a deep hollow that is remote and thousands of acres around. Thank You for listening.

ALSO NOTICED: Always sounds or knocks on trees
OTHER STORIES: This happens a lot out here!!!!

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3am and my son had a headlamp light on that lit up a wide range as he is a cyclist and our land is lit up with outdoor lighting

ENVIRONMENT: Deep forest on the Meramec river

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I had nearly 2 hours of conversation with witness and her son. Although he has moved from the property due to his encounter with the creature, he just happened to be visiting on the day I called. He was very forthcoming with the details of his event, as was the original witness. I will address the event(s) of her son as told in our conversation. I will then cover the lengthy ongoing events of the witness and her husband.

Here is a general timeline as provided by witness. Moved to the property in 2014. Started hearing “weird calls, knocks & noises almost immediately, but disregarded them until 2016”. She intimated that since she was not familiar with those types of sounds she just chalked them up to animals/forest sounds she wasn’t familiar with yet. Witness and her son were on speaker phone together for the duration of initial interview.

Son was going home from work in 2018 around 3 AM as stated. He indicated he was going slower than usual because it had rained earlier, and the road was slick. The road at the point of the sighting was also downhill and an “S” curve, so he was not traveling fast at all for safety’s sake. He was wearing a “very bright, almost blinding” headlamp. As he approached the first curve, which curved to the left, he saw this “mostly white creature tinged with some brown” on his left. It was “standing & stationary” in a field with a creek right behind it. “It was frickin’ huge”. Distance was 20-25 yards at most. It was slightly ahead of him. As soon as the creature saw him (his light), it started “leisurely walking in the same general direction” he was going, but veering off towards the creek. At this point he was just coasting and pretty much he and the creature were keeping the same distance between them. His gauge of height was the tree line and secondary growth. The entire event last “30-45 seconds” . The creature was in no hurry and was heading for the creek and heavy woods on the other side of it. He stated “it was not a bear and it was humanoid”. As soon as he got home he burst in the home and relayed the story. For clarity: when he said the creature “saw him” it just glanced slightly to it’s right once it saw his light, and looked back quickly in the direction it was walking. No more physical features were observed.

Their dogs bring back “hind legs of deer and other various body parts”. “Who would be killing and cutting up deer and just leaving them”? As stated, they do not hunt anything on their property and live in harmony with all wildlife.

Knocks: When she is alone she will hear mostly a single loud knock, then another more distant or quieter knock. When she moves to another part of the property, she will hear another single knock.

Yesterday (Sept.20th, 2019) she found a “breath mark/smudge on a rear window of the home. Bottom of the window is 8ft off the ground.

She has the feeling of “being watched” and “I see movement in the woods”. Her husband, who is Native American, has told her to “pay attention to the horizontal and vertical, as this is a way to determine what you are seeing”. Man vs animal. This is his hunting logic.

They have had chickens disappear from a latched and locked chicken coop.

The two peacocks that were killed had their necks broken and were eaten and gutted on the spot.

The “horrible smelly wet dog odor” has been detected numerous times. Comes from the same general area of woods behind the home about 25-50 feet from the back of home.

This was an open and honest interview between the witness(s) and her son. In no way did I get the sense of embellishment. She went in to much better detail as the interview proceeded, which I took as a sign of trust and she told me as much. In many instances, the fear of ridicule, especially in smaller rural areas with limited population, is very real. Of course it can happen anywhere. This concern kept her from coming forward sooner.This investigator is glad they had the curiosity and courage to come forward.

The witness has a degree in Religion & Ministry. Her grandfather was Cherokee, and her husband is Native American as mentioned. They live in harmony with all nature and do not hunt or allow hunting on their land.

Yes, some of the events COULD be chalked up to predators or other natural acts. But as a whole and in the context of other reported events by witnesses deemed credible, this series of ongoing events is at the top of a short list for reports near the Meramec River in Missouri.

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