Bow hunters observe a bigfoot in daylight near Bradshaw

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Report # 63863 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Daniel Long on Wednesday, January 1, 2020.
Bow hunters observe a bigfoot in daylight near Bradshaw

YEAR: 2009
MONTH: October
STATE: West Virginia
COUNTY: McDowell County
LOCATION DETAILS: Horne Waldron Rd take a left off the bridge and its about 1-2 houses down on the right in the mountains behind it.
NEAREST ROAD: Horne Waldron Road

OBSERVED: My friend Corey and I decided to go bow hunting one day is the fall of October of 2009 in the mountains behind our houses. We came to a big brush pile which we couldn’t be seen from the direction were headed. We had thought we saw someone else that was hunting coming our way from the direction we couldn’t be seen but the closer it got the more unusual it got.

It was walking about 50 yards below us and when we finally got a good look at it we could see it was a bigfoot. It was about 8-10 feet tall, fur from head to toe, and was extremely thick and muscular. We watched in amazement as it walked for about 100 yards until it was out of sight.

We told all our friends about it and got interest from them as well. We went back the next weekend with 6 of us in total at about the same time we saw it. We went to the same path it was travelling and kept hearing something in the distance on the same path ahead of us so we decided to try and track it in two separate groups. On the path we found 2 separate footprints that were human like but huge. We also kept hearing something ahead of us the entire time. We got to the top of the mountain ridge when the sun was starting to set and while we were talking all 6 of us saw the bigfoot heading down the other side of the ridge.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, my football coach had told me after I spoke of my incident that he heard one yelling right next to his property years before which had extremely frightened him. Apparently there have been sightings in Panther State Forest which is close to him and 2 ridges over from where I had seen mine.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2pm EST clear weather.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

I spoke with the primary witness, Daniel Long, by phone. He is now 28 years old and now lives in North Carolina. He grew up in the area where the incidents occurred. At the time he was a teenager and so were the other witnesses.

Note: Most rural teenagers did not have smartphones in 2009. They didn’t carry cameras like they all do today.

His grandfather still lives at the West Virginia property and can provide access to BFRO investigators. Daniel is able to contact the other witnesses who were with him at the time.

Notes from our conversation:

When the six of them saw the bigfoot walking away from them over the ridge it was approximately 40 yards away. It was fleeing them.

That visual incident didn’t last nearly as long as the visual incident during the prior weekend. The two witnesses that day, Daniel and Corey, were looking down from the ridge. The figure was 50 yards at the closest point. They watched it walking for about 100 yards until it was out of their view.

When they returned the following weekend the purpose was to show their friends. Taking photos wasn’t as important as simply showing it to their friends. Today it would be different. Don’t make assumptions about what should have occurred with some rural teens in 2009, and what they should have been carrying with them.

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