Grassman, Mothman, and Ohio’s Other Mythical Creatures Are On Display at the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum

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Look into any state’s folklore and you’ll find stories of monsters spotted in its lakes, forests, and backyards. As of Friday, February 28, the legends of Ohio’s most famous cryptids, or creatures whose existences haven’t been confirmed by science, are all available in one place.

As WTOL 11 reports, the new exhibit “Ohio: An Unnatural History” at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum in Fremont, Ohio, profiles nearly a dozen mythical creatures that have captured the imaginations of locals. Some are universal: the Grassman is Ohio’s version of Bigfoot, a cryptid that’s been reported throughout the world. Others, like an amphibian-humanoid called the Loveland Frog, are unique to Ohio’s history. Though Mothman is usually associated with West Virginia, the 7-foot-tall winged menace has made enough alleged appearances in neighboring Ohio to earn a place in the museum.

The exhibit is as accurate and informative as one on legendary creatures can be. Artwork by Dan Chudzinski visualizes how the cryptids have been described, and his life-size cutouts give perspective on their purported heights. In addition to looking at reports from the modern era, the exhibit also examines the first monster myths that originated with Ohio’s Native American residents.

“Ohio: An Unnatural History” is open now through Halloween 2020. Admission to the museum is $13 for the public and free for Hayes Presidential members.


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