Close sighting near Sigel involves man and two girls

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Report # 4478 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, June 7, 2002.
Close sighting near Sigel involves man and two girls

YEAR: 1992
SEASON: Summer
DATE: Sunday
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Jefferson County
LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately 2 miles north of Sigel
NEAREST ROAD: Routes 36 and 949

OBSERVED: I was jogging down a side road with my daughter and her friend. They were on bikes. I saw what I thought was a person on the road in front of us. As we approached closer, I thought it was a person wearing a bulky coat or coveralls. About 30 yards from the creature, I realized that it wasn’t a person. It’s back was to us. It was looking down at the dirt road. Then it turned around and looked at us. It looked to be about 7 feet tall and weighed about 500 pounds. It had long, sparse red hair; the hair was thicker on it’s back and shoulder blades. No hair was on it’s face. It walked towards us.. I turned around and had the girls start riding their bikes back the way we came. I followed on foot and we never looked back.

ALSO NOTICED: About a month prior to the sighting I heard noises in the woods that sounded like something taking off and running away.
OTHER WITNESSES: 1 adult and 2 young girls witnessed the incident. I was jogging down the dirt road and my daughter and her friend were riding their bikes.
OTHER STORIES: After we saw the creature, a local girl saw something matching the description of a Bigfoot in her yard. She was unaware of my sighting

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7pm, Weather-sunny and warm, Lighting-bright sunshine
ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area(hard woods). There is a gas line that runs through the area. This area is a grassy open area surrounded by forest. The creature was standing on the dirt road that intersects this gas line.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with both the father and daughter. He was concerned about his experience, so much so that night bothers him still. The daughter’s take was that it was a long time ago when she saw it, but she still remembers a large reddish haired thing that was big. Perhaps she remembers most the way it changed her father (his perspective of the outdoors). She doesn’t remember much after they turned to leave except that it followed them closer than they liked until they were out of the wooded area.

Initially, I wondered how far away the witnesses were before they could see the subject. The distance was approximately 100 yards, but it registered as a person with a coat on or a hooded sweatshirt. The witness told me that he felt it was just a guy and he payed him little attention while jogging until he got closer and it was obvious that, no, this is not “just a guy.”

Some of the characteristics observed when it turned to look at the man and the girls on bicycles included the following :

  • dark eyes sunk into the brow.
  • a dark face.
  • little or no hair on the face.
  • the nose was small and the face did not stick out so there was no snout look to it.
  • the hands were noticeable and in its bent stance hung to just below the knees.
  • no neck, the head, described as somewhat pointed, was in the shoulder muscles which were immense.
  • guesstimate shoulder width was three and a half feet wide to four feet wide.
  • the shoulder width was perhaps the most amazing thing about it along with the hair.

When first seen it was thought to be looking at the road and was walking to either side. A truck had just gone by and it seemed to be curious about something in the road, perhaps the tire tracks. This was described by both him and his daughter.

Judging from the descriptions and the emotions in reliving the event, it’s evident that something very unusual was observed on that evening in l992..

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