Dawn sighting by hunter within 2 miles of Pittsburgh International Airport

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Report # 19589 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 6, 2007.
Dawn sighting by hunter within 2 miles of boundary of Pittsburgh International Airport
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YEAR: 2004
MONTH: November
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Allegheny County
LOCATION DETAILS: A steadily disappearing forested area near Pittsburgh International Airport. Road names withheld at the request of the witness.
NEAREST ROAD: Flaugherty Run Rd
OBSERVED: It was about 430 am and I had just settled into my treestand for a day of hunting. It was extremely quiet which was the first thing that I noticed. It was going on about 500 when I heard what sounded like a log being hit with another log. I brushed it off as something going on up at the new construction site on top of the hill. About 520 am I heard something walking back and to my left toward the top of the hill I was sitting on. I was about 1/4 of the way up the hill and this was near the top where I heard it. I knew the walking was bipedal and at this point in time I got very angry about somebody trespassing and ruining my day of deer hunting.

As the noise got closer the sun was just up enough I could skyline this huge “man” walking across the top of the ridge. I looked at him through my binos and well it wasn’t any man. I know this bigfoot had to be 7′ 5″ tall and at least 650 lbs. He was dark brown or black in color unable to tell exactly due to lighting issues. I wasn’t able to make out facial features. His hair was maybe 2 inches long and his hands were definitely below knee level. I put my binos down and it was then he must have noticed something and within 3 strides he disappeared into the grapevine thicket. The entire actual sighting lasted maybe 15 seconds.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the sticks banging together in my own online research I have found this to be common though.
OTHER WITNESSES: Unfortunately no.
OTHER STORIES: In about 2005 while out spotting heard a loud scream that lasted 5 seconds but that was all.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Sunrise. Started with the knocking at 430 AM
ENVIRONMENT: Hardwoods with a creek bottom below to my right.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert J Gorny:

I spoke with the witness by phone and he had some details to add to the report:

* The witness saw the figure at a distance of approximately 275-300 yards.
* There have been other times while hunting in the same area when the witness felt like he was being watched.
* A neighbor of the witness has described hearing “hyena laughter” on occasion behind her house.
* The father of the witness was chopping wood one afternoon when a number of rocks were thrown in his direction. He thought it was his son, but his son was not in the area where the rocks were coming from.
* The location is less than 2 miles from the property of the Pittsburgh International Airport.

I plan on visiting the area with the witness to look for any signs of ongoing activity.

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