Family Claims White ‘Bigfoot’ in Missouri

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A Missouri minister says she and her family believe there is an unidentified two-legged creature roaming their property.

The woman, who provided a specific location but asked to remain anonymous, says the recurring incidents have been happening for the last five years.

“My son has moved out. He used to travel home late at night from town on his electric bike,” she told Carter Buschardt, BFRO investigator.

One night, she claims, her son was coming home when he came across a “7-foot-tall white and hairy” hominid.

“It crossed to a field next to the road. It terrified him so much he moved into town permanently.”

But according to the woman, that was not the only incident. She and her husband say they hear “howl calls and tree knocks”, often at night.

She also claims noticing a “horrible smell”.

“I feel watched sometimes. I have seen something tall in the woods.”

In 1975, an Arkansas man allegedly encountered a white primate in a wooded area while visiting his relatives.

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