Man recalls childhood sighting near Allison Park

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Report # 14707 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 18, 2006.
Man recalls childhood sighting near Allison Park

YEAR: 1971
DATE: 25
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Allegheny County
LOCATION DETAILS: There is a gas (I think) pipeline between Bryant Road and Sample Road. This should not be hard to locate since Bryant Road is not very long. The Sample Road end Starts at a point not far from the intersection of Sample Rd. and Hemlock Drive. The Bryant Rd. end starts about 1/3 of the way down Bryant Rd. coming from Duncan Avenue. The sighting occurred about halfway up the pipeline. This location is, I believe, completely within the boundaries of Hampton Township.
NEAREST TOWN: Allison Park
OBSERVED: A friend and I were sitting down on a pipeline right of way. We heard a noise that sounded like something that a large bird might make. A little while later, we heard something that sounded like someone knocking on a tree with a piece of wood or something. These sounds continued alternating, off and on for about 20 minutes or so. I remember that my friend and I were talking about how the sounds were a little strange, and getting louder. At one point, I realized that the sounds were coming from a point very close to us, and they seemed to be coming from the same place, so we stood up to see if we could see anything.

It was then that we saw the animal. It looked at us, we looked at it, and we all took off running. Before running, I noticed that what I was looking at was about 7 feet tall, relatively the same proportions as a normal human, except for longer arms, and it was covered with shaggy (2-4″ long) grey hair. The face was not clear to me. I have slight astigmatism and I could not make out the features at the distance of about 20-30 yards.

The animal crashed through the woods as it ran away- just breaking down everything in it’s way. I kept looking back as I ran, and it just seemed to be going in a straight path up the hill towards Sample Road.

Some years later I visited a wax museum in Niagara Falls and at the end of the exhibit was somebody’s idea of a bigfoot. It looked very much like the one that I saw, except for the facial features. This one had big pointy teeth and looked pretty angry. I could not clearly see the face of the one I saw, but I don’t think it had big pointy teeth and an angry expression.

ALSO NOTICED: I used to go to this area to pick blueberries and gooseberries. I thought that maybe the bigfoot was there for that reason. After this incident, I camped out near the location of the sighting for one night, but did not see or hear the animal.
OTHER WITNESSES: One other witness present. We were sitting down, talking prior to the sighting.
OTHER STORIES: Yes, many over the years following my sighting. There were several sightings in the area by my family members and some friends. The animal was heard many times as well, without being seen. Footprints were seen, my parents made plaster casts of footprints, and researchers were called and they interviewed my parents. The interviewers seemed to be trying to connect the bigfoot sightings with UFO sightings in the area. This was all in the 70’s and 80’s. I do not know the specifics of any recent sightings in the area besides the one on Wildwood Sample Road, however, I have heard that sightings in the area are still not rare. which is about 1 1/2-2 miles from my sighting, I think.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: I think it was about 5PM. Light was good, weather was clear.
ENVIRONMENT: mixed hardwood forest- not old growth on a moderately steep slope. Lots of small diameter trees, some brush, blueberry bushes and vines. There is a creek just a few hundred yards to the east or south east of the location

Follow-up investigation report:
I spoke with the witness over the phone on the evening of January 20th 2008. The witness is now in his fifties and recalled the encounter in detail even though it took place over twenty years ago.

The witness described the animal as slender but not skinny, lean and muscular with long arms. In the witness’s words the animal was built sort of like a fullback on a football team. There were no smells associated with the animal.

The witness described the call of the animal as similar to the call of some members of the Anatidae Family, which includes Swans, Geese and Ducks. Other residence in the area heard this call quite often mainly in the evening. I emailed the witness an assortment of Sasquatch vocalization recordings from the BFRO website. The witness emailed me back and said the call sounded like the whoop howl in the Sierra Sounds, Bigfoot Recordings CDs, available at

The witness cannot recall what organization the investigators belonged to, or who they were. However they could not have been from the BFRO as the BFRO was established 24 years later. Most people that lived in the area at the time including the witness felt that the UFO sightings had no ties to Bigfoot, the strange calls they heard and tracks they found.

I asked the witness if he would have access to the plaster casts his parents took, as luck would have it he did have a couple of pictures, which he scanned and emailed to me. I have attached the photos below.

Report # 14707

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