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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But on occasion a still image taken innocently enough can sometimes reveal things that will leave you speechless. The photos on this list are sure to shock and horrify. These are 6 real ghosts captured in Photographs.

Scary Mysteries
Published on Mar 10, 2018

6. The Covent Garden Piazza Ghost
Known for being one of the busiest districts in Greater London, this gorgeous Piazza in Westminster was once known for its teeming vegetable and fruit markets right in the central square. Now, it’s more known as a shopping district and tourist center.

Although the plan to preserve the central piazza was in place, by the 60s, traffic congestion in the wholesale market became unworkable and a huge development was put into place. The next year, the market was moved and the central building re-opened as a shopping area by the 1980s.

5. The Crawling Ghost
There are countless creepy ghost photos online but sometimes, there are photos that are just downright terrifying.

Known as the crawling ghost image, the girl’s father was planning on taking a simple photo of his daughter playing in their living room. After he snapped the picture and had it developed, the image displayed more than just a photo of his daughter. Right in front of her young child in the living room is a spectral anomaly that looks to be in the shape of a person crawling.

4. Hospital Demon
Whenever we picture death and demons, it’s often a sinister figure. Something dark, perhaps with hooves and horns waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Well, at least one photo seems to have captured such a demon.

The following image was submitted to a Reddit post with a caption saying it was a cellphone photo of a nurse’s viewing monitor at a hospital. In the image, you could see what looks to be a shadowy figure standing on top of a patient who was lying down in a hospital bed. The poster added that within a few hours of the figure appearing, the patient passed away.

3. Apparition Through a Brick Pillar
There’s not much information about this next image, But it is one of the most compelling photos of a ghost ever captured. In the photo you can clearly see an apparition – a man in a white, long-sleeved shirt and what looks to be a hat.

The man is visibly see-through and appears to be in the process of walking through or just behind a brick pillar. The image was first posted on a photo rating site so it’s unclear where, when and who took it.

2. Ghost in Manila
One of the most popular ghost images floating on the Internet is the Ghost in Manila picture. Supposedly taken in early 2000 ‘s the picture shows two smiling friends on a night out. While out and about, the friends decided to take a picture and asked someone to snap it.

1. The Morticians Daughter
This image might look innocent, even cute at first glance but when you truly look at it, there’s something very chilling here that was caught on camera.

The picture shows a young mother kissing her baby daughter while inside their home. For the mother, it was an innocent picture, capturing a moment of tenderness but when she looked closely, she realized someone else was in the room with them.

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