Motorists in Smoky Mts. observe a Bigfoot along Little Tennessee River

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Report # 64024 (Class A)
Submitted by witness Denise Galindo on Friday, January 31, 2020.
YESTERDAY motorists in Smoky Mts. observe a Bigfoot along Little Tennessee River

YEAR: 2020
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
DATE: 31
STATE: North Carolina
COUNTY: Swain County
LOCATION DETAILS: Needmore Road is off of highway 74 West. Travel SW on Needmore road to the location
NEAREST ROAD: Needmore Road

OBSERVED: I want to report a sighting of a huge Bigfoot. As my husband and I often do, we were taking a short cut across the mountain here in western NC, heading home. As I was driving along the river, there was a very strange looking, what I thought was an odd looking man, and as we passed it, I said to my husband, ” That is a strange looking person,” and as I looked into the rear view mirror, it stood up on the road and was watching us driving away, and that is when I realized what it really was. I told my husband that it is a Bigfoot!!!

In a panic I drove away and my husband insisted that we turn around and go back. I was in tears from the fear, but we found an area to turn around and I do so. As we approached that area, we saw it on the side of the road watching us. He was HUGE!!!! My husband got out of the car to get a better look and he couldn’t believe what we were looking at. It had to be at least 8-9 feet tall, covered in long black hair all over it’s body. It was massive. We were about 100 yards away and nothing was obstructing our view. I yelled at my husband to get back into the car and I managed to turn my jeep around and I got the heck out of there!!

ALSO NOTICED: No, nothing because I sure as heck wasn’t going back.
OTHER WITNESSES: Two, myself and my husband. Driving NE on Needmore Road headed to Bryson City.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early Dusk good lighting about 5:30 pm
ENVIRONMENT: Forrest, Rivers edge near a mountain road

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

Report # 64024

I spoke with both witnesses today by phone — Denise and Tony Galindo.

In summation, it’s a credible report. Two credible witnesses.

The observation happened YESTERDAY (02/01/20) in North Carolina, along the Little Tennessee River southwest of Bryson City. This is remote mountainous terrain. See photos below.

Needmore Road hugs the river for several lonely miles. There was no other traffic on Needmore. The sasquatch was on the bank of the river at dusk. The sky was getting dark but still light enough to see the figure off the short embankment next to the river.

The vehicle passed the figure. Denise and Tony both saw it pass behind the vehicle in their mirrors and realized how large it was.

Report # 64024

They continued driving but Tony urged Denise to stop and drive back so they could get another look. They drove back. When they rounded the bend and saw the section of road where the sasquatch had been standing, it was still there on the edge of the road looking in their direction, as if it heard the vehicle coming back.

They stopped as soon as the sasquatch came into view roughly 100 yards away. The sasquatch could have taken a single step to get out of view but it stood there and looking toward the vehicle. Tony got out the vehicle to get a better view. They observed it for roughly three minutes before Denise finally started yelling for her husband to get in the car so they could leave. The sasquatch was still standing there when Denise and Tony drove away. See note below regarding why they didn’t take any photos (they were too far away for a phone-camera).

Report # 64024

Denise and Tony returned the day after the incident to look around at the incident location. They didn’t find any tracks but ground was pretty solid. They took some photos of the area including the image above showing a gauge station along the river. The sasquatch was not far from this structure when they first spotted it.

On Feb. 2 they returned again to look around again and take more photos. They took this photo above showing the perspective of the observation and the limitations of the phone’s camera. Denise took the photo from the exact position that she and her husband were positioned when they observed the figure for about three minutes. Tony is standing roughly at the same position where the figure was standing when they watched it. The camera is zoomed in as far as it can zoom in, yet Tony is still basically a speck on the image. They are familiar with their phone-camera so they knew they were too far away at the time to get a decent photo, so they didn’t even try. That’s why they didn’t take photos even though they watched it for roughly three minutes.

If you zoom in on the photo above you’ll notice that Tony is just a blurry blob. That’s what people typically complain about with bigfoot photos. Now you know why that happens. People are typically too far away to get a clear photo with a cell photo camera. When the photo is enlarged you get a fuzzy blob.

Although most people are carrying cell phones with cameras these days, it’s still very rare for people to be carrying camera with good telephoto lenses.

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