The 5 States With the Largest (and Smallest) Number of UFO Sightings

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Got your binoculars handy? July 2 is World UFO Day, and this year UFO supporters are in the spotlight thanks to a flood of UFO news. This includes UFO incident reports from Navy pilots and former Pentagon intelligence officers and the release of classified UFO research from the NSA (National Security Agency). All of this activity means that for the first time in years, UFO reports are being taken seriously by the media.

Even skeptics acknowledge eyewitness accounts of strange aircraft in the skies are worth investigating. With everyone from pilots to other credible sources describing unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, in the air as far back as 1947, it’s impossible to completely discount the real possibility extraterrestrials may be paying us visits.

But which states are most prone to these sightings? Telecommunications company compiled data from the National UFO Reporting Center to find out. The results:

  1. Washington
  2. Montana
  3. Vermont
  4. Alaska
  5. Maine

Washington has the highest number of sightings (according to population) by far—an estimated 5894 through June 2019, which amounts to 78.22 sightings per 100,000 people. Montana had 823; Vermont had 482. Oregon, which came in at number 6, had 2844 sightings, but a larger population put the average at 67.86 sightings per 100,000. If aliens are indeed operating the sighted crafts, they appear to be fond of sprawling landscapes with wide-open spaces, like Montana and Vermont.

The states with the least number of sightings:

  1. Texas
  2. Louisiana
  3. Georgia
  4. Mississippi
  5. Alabama

Texas has logged many accounts—4969—but their state population means an average of just 17.31 sightings per 100,000 people. Alabama had 10,882 sightings for an average 22.26. It appears as though aliens aren’t visiting southern states.

You can file a UFO sighting at the National UFO Reporting Center. Be prepared to summarize details like light, trails, whether the object landed or made a sound, if anything was chasing the object, or if entities were seen.


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