Nighttime sighting by motorists on Route 116

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Report # 3360 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 14, 2001.
Nighttime sighting by motorists on Route 116 between Gettysburg and Fairfield

YEAR: 1998 ?
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
DATE: unknown
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Adams County
LOCATION DETAILS: Gettysburg PA along Route 116 between Gettysburg and Fairfield
OBSERVED: The sighting occurred awhile ago. So long that I am not sure of the year, but I would guess Jan or Feb of 1998. The reason I am reporting it now is because I was watching the History Channel, and the animal they displayed was very similar, with a few exceptions. The hair was even over the body, the History Channel display was baggy at the ankles and narrow at the knees. The eyes were definitely very red. The time of the incident was approximately 1AM in the morning. The importance is the animal was no more than 150 feet from me, and I stopped the car and the animal and I stared at each other for quite a long time, until I got tired and left the scene.

Details: My wife and I were returning home from a friends home in Gettysburg PA along Route 116 between Gettysburg and Fairfield. In front in my headlights, I saw this animal step over a fence and walk across the road, West to East. The animal stopped in the middle of the field and looked back at the car, and I stopped the car to observe.

The reason this was not reported sooner is because we did not know how to report the event, and until reading your Web Page, I did not realize how prevalent the sightings are.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two (2) witnesses.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 1 AM in morning, moon light and very clear.
ENVIRONMENT: Along highway in open field.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Osborne:

I talked to both of the witnesses. The man stated that the creature was at least 7 – 8 feet tall, as it easily stepped over a 4 – 5 foot fence, then crossed the road in only two or three steps. He felt the color was dark brown/black and the hair was not overly long. The female witness, however, remembered the hair color as reddish, and she felt that the hair length was “longish.” Neither could come up with exactly how long they sat and stared at the creature.
The man also stated that it was very peculiar how the eyes were a very visible red, even when the car headlights were not shining into them when the creature was standing in the field.

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