Possible stalking at the town of Sigel

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Report # 59159 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.
Possible stalking at the town of Sigel in Eldred Township

YEAR: 2018
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: March
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Jefferson County
LOCATION DETAILS: Wooded area around job site – Some fields and cleared construction site.
NEAREST ROAD: Old route 36

OBSERVED: I was at our job site tending a portable generator and turbo heater. I was sitting in my truck almost asleep when I heard footsteps/leaves crunching over in the woods. At first I started thinking deer? But as it gets closer I could tell it was on two feet. I hear it going back and forth several times. Almost like pacing. Then I can see in the moonlight movement with the foot steps crunching the leaves. It was definitely on two feet. Then it stops. All of a sudden a loud bang off the tank. I think it had to have thrown a rock as loud as the bang on the tank was. Then more footsteps leaves crunching even closer now. As I’m trying to look into the woods where I last seen movement I realized it was standing right at the edge of the woods right beside my truck. I was paralyzed. It had to have seen me at this point sitting there. As I tried to get my composure I reached down in the door for my handgun. As I looked back up I could hear it walking off in the leaves. I started the truck and turned the headlights towards the woods but didn’t see or hear anything more.

This was the most terrifying 5-6 minutes of my life.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:02 AM, Well light moonlight 3/4 moon, Mostly clear sky, 23 degrees F cold

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded property, Clearing around jobsite. 84’ tall water tanks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

I interviewed this witness over the phone and then met him in person. I found him to be extremely credible. He is a construction foreman in PA. When this encounter took place, he was at a construction site where he had to sit in his truck all night while waiting to make sure that a generator didn’t stop working. The generator was heating up some water that had frozen. He had to make sure that the fire stayed lit.

He had set his alarm to go off every half hour, and in the meantime, he was bundled up and would sleep in the driver’s seat of his truck with the seat back. The truck was shut off because he wasn’t able to dim the light with it on. It was cold but there was no snow on the ground. He stated that before his alarm went off at the next set time he was awoken by what he thought was something pushing on and moving the truck. He realized that he couldn’t see the flame of the generator, as if something was blocking it, but when he looked again, it was clear. He didn’t immediately notice anything else, and although he was startled, he started to go back to sleep. Soon he could hear something walking into some nearby trees.

He could hear the thing pacing back and forth. Then he heard something hit the generator with a large boom! He assumed it was a rock.

A figure stepped out of the woods. It was in profile, and there was no muzzle. It looked to be uniform in color, and it was tall. He claimed that he knew right away that it was way too tall to be a person.

He tried to get his bearings and went to grab his phone from the seat next to him, and he accidentally hit it across the seat and onto the floor. When he straightened back up from trying to grab it and his gun, he said the figure turned to face him. [When he got to this part of telling me the story, he was visibly shaken. His wife and dog were with him while he was telling it to me, and they were upset that he was upset.] He said it was then that he realized how massive this thing was. The shoulder width was beyond anything that he could comprehend, and he knew that it was looking at him.

At this point in the interview process, I asked an investigator who I had brought along with me to go and stand where he had pointed out that the figure had been standing. This investigator is about 6’ tall, and when she stood there, the witness was again visibly upset. He said the size of the creature compared to this investigator was so much bigger that he couldn’t comprehend it. Using a measuring tape against a branch he remembered its head hitting, we estimated it to be between 8-9’ tall. It was, however, the width and bulk of it that had really impressed him.

The witness reported that the figure soon moved back into the woods, and that he stuck it out as long as he could through the rest of the night (this happened around 2:00 AM), but was on high alert and didn’t sleep anymore.

As he was collecting himself after giving me his report, I asked his wife if he had said anything to her after this had happened. She said he had texted her and called her right after the figure left, and that he was extremely upset both then and when he got home. He didn’t go to work for the next few days, and this guy NEVER missed work. He is just a normal, hard-working guy who had an experience he wasn’t looking for and that he still can’t explain.

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